How to Uninstall a Smart TV Application on Samsung

Modern LG Smart TVs operate on a complex operating system that makes them not just a receiver of television channels, but brings them closer to smartphones. It follows that such equipment should be periodically updated, its memory is not unlimited, and all applications that were once installed can be deleted.

Each owner of such a TV has the opportunity to tailor it individually for himself, guided by his preferences, that is, choose which applications he needs. To install them, you need to register with LG Apps, and, as practice shows, usually those who are faced with Smart TV technologies, by mistake or not quite correctly, at first install themselves what they do not need. In addition, over time, the need for a particular product may disappear, especially for games.

How to Uninstall a Smart TV Application on Samsung

Given the fact that software manufacturers are constantly improving it and developing new applications that users are interested in, as well as the fact that the memory on the TV cannot be called unlimited, you will have to deal with the question of how to remove applications. In fact, it is quite simple, which will be discussed later.

Removal procedure

First of all, before uninstalling applications on LG Smart TV, you should clearly determine whether this is really necessary. Such a need becomes relevant if:

The TV ran out of free memory;

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It became inconvenient to use installed applications because of their large number (since a limited number of shortcuts can be displayed on the same first page, the more there are, the longer and more difficult to search for the necessary ones, respectively, this is uncomfortable and annoying for many).

How to Uninstall a Smart TV Application on Samsung

Even considering that installing a single application on the LG Smart TV requires a bit of internal memory, periodic cleaning of widgets is still needed. However, most users are interested in how to do this, immediately when you need to remove too much right now.

Removing applications. ways:

Using the remote control, enter the application menu and select from them the one to be deleted. Drag it to the upper right corner until a message appears with the text to delete. Without releasing the shortcut, drag it where the prompt indicates;

Go to the page with applications and press the “Change” button (upper right corner) from the remote control. Select the shortcut of the application that you want to remove by clicking on the "Delete" item in the list of actions;

The easiest option is to drag and drop unnecessary widgets directly to the “Delete” button, which is located in the lower right corner.

How to Uninstall a Smart TV Application on Samsung

Features of the procedure

Taking the remote control, everything is done through the menu. You need to find an application that is no longer needed, double-click the up arrow until a white physiognomy with a cross appears above the tab, and click the OK button. The action is confirmed by clicking on the pop-up Delete button.

If you have to deal with the Remote Magic LG, you need to go to the application menu item, find the one to be deleted, and point the cursor at it. After the up arrow appears, you should click on it until a cross appears, followed by the immediate question of whether the user really wants to delete the selected program. The action is confirmed by clicking on the “Delete” button.

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