How to Turn on the Touchpad on an Elitebook Hp Laptop

The touchpad (touchpad) in laptops is used as an alternative to an external computer mouse. Therefore, the functions of the touchpad are completely similar: with it, you can open folders, launch programs, move the cursor, select and move objects on the screen, scroll through web pages, etc.

In general, it is convenient and practical, especially if the mouse was not at hand.

However, sometimes it happens that the touchpad in the HP EliteBook either started to slow down, i.e. the response slowed down or stopped working at all.

Actually, it is better to read about the full-scale qualified repair of HP here on the website, but we will try to briefly talk about the main software problems of the touch panels of HP EliteBook series laptops and some methods for their elimination.

So, problems with the touchpad can occur as follows:
  • I can’t scroll (scroll), for example, a page of a site or a document;
  • the cursor suddenly jumps into a corner of the screen or abruptly jumps from place to place;
  • programs / files / folders open by themselves.

These are, as it were, symptoms, now about what might cause the touch panel to work incorrectly in the HP EliteBook. In order and in more detail:

1. Using function keys

2. Accidentally pressing the power button

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Another reason for the malfunctioning of the HP EliteBook touchpad software may be when you accidentally press the shutdown button on your laptop. After such a press, the touchpad manages to disconnect, it can be activated again by rebooting the laptop, i.e. by pressing the shutdown button again.

Video: How to Turn on the Touchpad on an Elitebook Hp Laptop

How to Turn on the Touchpad on an Elitebook Hp Laptop

3. Incorrectly installed software

Problems in the operation of the HP EliteBook touchpad are often observed after installing its software. The only correct solution in this case would be a complete reinstallation of the entire software package with a preliminary check of the compatibility of all programs specifically with this model of laptop and the version of the operating system used. You can always find and download the required drivers on the official HP website.

How to Turn on the Touchpad on an Elitebook Hp Laptop

4. Software conflict

Downloading and installing a new program on a laptop is a common thing, but every time you need to check that the applications or utilities are installed correctly. Since some programs may conflict with the laptop software. Therefore, if problems with the touchpad began to show after installing a new program or programs, then most likely it will have to be installed again or even abandon its further use.

5. Outdated and / or incompatible touchpad drivers

Older or damaged drivers can also affect the performance of your HP EliteBook touchpad. To avoid problems, you should check for updates from time to time, or set up automatic checking and downloading of new versions of software.

As you can see, in many cases, problems with the touchpad of the HP EliteBook are eliminated quite simply if you correctly determine the cause of their occurrence. However, if you cannot determine the cause of the malfunctioning of the panel yourself, then in this case it is better to seek advice and assistance from the specialists of the service center.

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