How to Turn on the Flash on Huawei P20

I will tell you how to turn on the flash when calling (ringing) on ​​the phone, which flashlight ringtone app is best installed on Android. Download for free Flash on Call. flash on call.

Flash on Call application: turn on flash notification on the phone

Flash on Call for Android is perhaps one of the best free alerts apps. This is a spectacular and visual flash, which is installed on calls and messages. The principle of operation is as follows: after installation on the phone, Flash on Call signals the flash on incoming calls and SMS using the built-in camera. (In the same way, by the way, many other alarm applications for mobile devices work.)

The Flash on Call application has a simple interface, the Russian language is supported (it is enabled by default). In the settings there are all the necessary alarm settings, down to the smallest detail.

Using Flash on Call is easy. Here is a mini-guide on how to activate a flash call on a mobile device.

IWRYOUS FlashOnCall application. flash on call and SMS

FlashOnCall. flickering flash on call with flexible alarm settings and frequency control. The application uses the camera of a smartphone / tablet to notify about various events. about incoming SMS messages and calls.

How to Turn on the Flash on Huawei P20

Put the flash on a call through the FlashOnCall settings

How to enable flash on call in FlashOnCall

Here are the settings for activating the flashlight on Android:

  1. Flash on call and incoming messages (turn on flashlight warning)
  1. Customizable phone flash duration
  2. Adjustable flashlight brightness on call
  • Flash call fires when text messages are received and for a call
    1. Notification flash setting
    2. General FlashOnCall Flashlight Settings
      1. Customizable sound settings (normal mode, vibro, silent)
      2. 3 different flicker modes depending on the device on Android (tablet, smartphone).
      3. List of rules for the scheduler when controlling the flash.
      4. The flash automatically turns off when the phone’s battery is low
      5. Available flashlight widgets
        1. Flash on and off widget
        2. Flashlight widget for ringing
        3. What is the difference between a flash call and a flashlight?

          Of course, you can ignore the text and download flashlights on Android. Among them, applications such as Flashlight, Color and Tiny Flashlight and many others have proven themselves. However, the catch is that not all of them activate flashing / flash when making a call. Flashlights on the call is another category of mobile applications. These are irreplaceable programs for users who, by the nature of their work or occupation, turn off the phone or put it into silent mode, and at the same time there is an urgent need to monitor incoming calls on the phone. Almost all applications have one name (Flash on Call) and a common function: they set the flash on call and SMS.

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          Download and install a flashlight on a call in case of special need, paying attention to user settings. The fact is that, if improperly configured, the blinking of the flash-flash discharges the phone’s battery quite quickly, without bringing tangible benefits to the owner of the device. When reading a description of an application for Android, pay attention to the available options! After installing the program, take at least a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the key parameters. Fortunately, this is only 1-2 options.

          Video: How to Turn on the Flash on Huawei P20

          Flash On Call (flashing flash notification on call and SMS)

          A very simple application for Android. Like the previous programs mentioned, it uses the camera flash for notifications. Events during which blinking is triggered. a call or the arrival of SMS / MMS messages to the user’s phone.

          How to Turn on the Flash on Huawei P20

          Ringer and flash behavior settings

          Despite the asceticism, Flash On Call allows you to flexibly configure alerts on your phone. Specify the number and intensity of the flash pulses when receiving messages or when making a call. Adjust the behavior of the flashing flash depending on the current set state of the smartphone. silent mode, on the plane, vibro, etc. As in other cases, when the battery is low, the flicker is completely turned off, the Flash On Call application goes into sparing mode until the device will not be connected to the network. After charging the battery to an acceptable level, the flashlight ringtone is active again.

          Attention! Flashlight during a call can be set for any Android device (Samsung, fly, Nokia, HTC, Lenovo, etc.). Application action, however, may be limited by the system requirements of flashlights. In any case, when downloading Flash on Call on Google Play, you can check whether your phone is compatible with the application.

          Flash Alerts 2. notification via flash phone LED

          It turns out that the LED notification function is officially unavailable for Android users, while iPhone owners can receive LED notifications as if nothing had happened. Flash Alerts addresses this glaring flaw.

          How to Turn on the Flash on Huawei P20

          Android Flash Call Settings

          Attention! We advise you to make sure in advance that the free version of Flash Alert is compatible with your phone or tablet!

          The main functions of the Android application Flash Alerts:

          • When you receive a call or receive a new message, the flash of the Android phone will fire
          • Camera brightness and flicker control
          • Flash triggering upon notification in the status panel (Pro version)
          • Device customization for various statuses (Ringer, vibration, Quiet mode, etc.) (Pro)
          • Scheduled Flash Control (Pro)

          What should I do if the flash on my phone does not work? Check out the following Android settings:

          1. Is Accessibility enabled in your phone’s settings?
          2. Is the Flash Alerts switch set to On?
          3. Select the apps you want to notify with flash when status changes

          Flash on call program. flashlight for call and sms for Android

          If you want to make your device brighter in every sense, install the Flash on call application on a call, and when you receive new SMS, or when making calls, the flash will fire. Only the blind person will not notice the missed call if the flash blinks during the call. In other words, the Flash on Call mobile app is a flashlight for a call that you can install on a call.

          In the Flash on call settings, the user can flexibly configure the blinking during a call, configure the flash on Android. In particular, among the settings are available: flashing interval, minimum battery level at which the flash for a call will be active; the choice of the flash mode (it is separately configured for normal mode, vibration and silent). In addition, you can test the flash on a call by clicking the Test Flash button in the application.

          How to Turn on the Flash on Huawei P20

          We set the flash on the phone ringing, setting the flashlight operation modes

          How to turn on flashlight when calling on Android in Flash On Call

          Flash On Call provides flexible activation / deactivation of the flash during a call for both calls and SMS, both individually and all at once. To put a flashlight on a call, you need to set the flicker options in the Flash On Call program settings. Among them:

          1. Flashlight when entering
          2. SMS flickering
          3. Configure camera intervals
          4. The frequency of the flash for SMS and calls on the phone separately from each other
          5. Setting in various phone modes (Normal, Vibrate, Silent)

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