How to Turn on Fast Charging On Your Phone

How to enable fast charging on Xiaomi?

Every year smartphones become more productive, which requires an increase in battery capacity. To charge the battery faster, you must use the quick charge function. It allows, by increasing the current supplied to the battery from the power supply, accelerate the recharge process of the battery. How to enable fast charging on Xiaomi and what you need to know to do this?

The quick charge function is already activated in those gadgets that support it and no additional steps are required to use it.

How does fast charging work?

When working on the creation of new technologies, manufacturers began to try various ways to reduce the battery charge time of a smartphone. Initially, the technology of increasing the current strength was tested. The first chargers made it possible to obtain a current of 2 A at a voltage of 5 volts. The result was a power of 10 watts.

But this path turned out to be unpromising, since for a further increase in the current strength an increase in the wire cross section is required, because the indicator depends on the resistance of the cable cores.
Therefore, it was decided to use a different approach. increase voltage while maintaining amperage. Li-ion batteries used in modern gadgets require a narrow range of voltage for their own charge. It is simply impossible to produce a clean 12 V.

To solve the problem of voltage equalization they began to equip the device’s chipset or motherboard with special controllers, capable of receiving voltage above the traditional 5 volts with converting it into the indicator necessary for the battery cells.

Varieties of fast charging

If you have a question about how to enable fast charging on Xiaomi, you should understand the types of this function.
Almost every manufacturer of mobile phones or accessories for them developed their own technology.

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Large majors (Samsung, Huawei) began to use their own best practices, and the largest part of the company (Xiaomi, LG, Nokia) for the production of mobile phones uses the invention of Qualcomm. The company’s fast charge is called Quick Charge (QC).
So far, there are three working versions of the technology:

  • QuickCharge 1.0. Obtaining half of the full battery capacity occurs in 40-50 minutes;
  • QuickCharge 2.0. Similar indicators of the charge level are achieved in half an hour;
  • QuickCharge 3.0. A version that allows you to achieve 50% charge in just 15 minutes.

Qualcomm engineers introduced the next version of QC 4.0, which, according to the developers, has become 20% more efficient and does not lead to overheating of the case.
A feature of the technology lies in the controller installed in the power supply unit, which is paired with a processor from Qualcomm.

The main function of QC is to monitor the current state of the battery and set the correct charging rhythm. At the start of the process, when there is a replenishment from 0 to 60%, the current strength increases to the maximum value. Further, a gradual decrease in both current and voltage is observed.

How to Turn on Fast Charging On Your Phone

Features of fast charging for Xiaomi

The answer to the question "How to enable fast charging on Xiaomi?" there will be a simple statement. nothing. This feature may or may not be provided initially.

But remember that each specific model will support its own version of QC, which must be taken into account, as it sets its own amperage and voltage. Otherwise, it is likely that the charger or battery will overheat and a fire may occur.

Xiaomi has support for the earliest version of fast charging (QC 1.0) in the first models, which include:

  • Redmi 2 (simple version, with the prefix Pro and Prime);
  • Redmi Note.

The second version of Quick Charge received support in the following line of smartphone manufacturers:

  • Mi 3;
  • Mi Note;
  • Mi 4 (support for fast charging received versions with the index i and c);
  • Mi 5 (both simple and Plus model);
  • Mi Mix.

QuickCharge 3.0 is supported by all the latest models from the manufacturer:

According to some insiders, QC 4.0 technology will be implemented in the new flagship from the company, which will be called Mi 7. But official reports from the manufacturer in this regard have not yet been received.

Turn off quick charge

Along with the problem of how to enable fast charging on Xiaomi, the question may arise how to disable this feature. Despite the fact that some manufacturers have implemented the ability to disable the fast recharge battery, Xiaomi did not introduce this feature.

Therefore, in this case Disabling fast charging is not possible. If it is supported by the smartphone and the user uses the “native” charging, then he is guaranteed a quick recovery of battery capacity.