How to Turn On Fast Charging On Huawei

Now in the market it is almost impossible to find a phone without the quick charge function. Huawei and Honor are no exception. What it is? This is Quick Charge or Super Charge technology, which allows you to recharge the battery percentage faster than usual, because the function increases the incoming power to the battery. In this article, you will learn how to disable fast charging on Honor and Huawei.

Principle of operation

How does the feature presented work? In fact, the workflow is not complicated. The principle is as follows:

  1. The increase in current.
  2. At 50 percent, the amperage decreases.
  3. If 15% is left before turning off, then the charge is normalized.
How to Turn On Fast Charging On Huawei

Some people think that Quick Charge negatively affects the battery, for example, the battery life is reduced. Do not worry, this is just a myth. With the right approach, the battery will last a sufficient time. The main thing is to take into account certain rules of use:

How to turn off fast charging on Honor and Huawei phones

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How to remove fast charging on Huawei and Honor on models Honor 8x / 9/10/20 and Huawei P20 Lite / P20 Pro / P30 Lite and others? The procedure involves the use of standard parameters. Setting up any built-in functions in the phone is done through the parameters. Instruction:

  1. Locate the settings menu on the screen.
  2. Section “Nutrition”.
  3. Item “Fast charge”.
  4. After completing this operation, you disable this feature.

How to check the support of the technology in question on a smartphone? The function is not available in all phones, basically it is built in only in modern models. For example, in older devices you will not find it. To find out if it is in your gadget, go to the Internet and study the technical characteristics of the model, for example, on YouTube or enter the name of the device in the search bar Yandex, Google.

There is an alternative way to quickly replenish the percentage of battery. Get a powerful power supply. But, this method is not recommended for constant use. The use of powerful power supplies leads to overheating of the smartphone, which affects the battery life.

How to turn it on

To return the option back, do the following:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to the “Battery” tab.
  3. Find “Quick Charge.”
  4. Activate the option.

No further action is required. Each time the memory is connected, the mode will start. Why do users turn off the feature in question? Some mistakenly assume that it negatively affects the functioning of the battery. This is not true. The only reason that the battery life will be significantly reduced is the use of a non-original cable or power supply.