How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

Most of the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max features that relate to shooting are based on neural networks. the new Apple A13 Bionic processor is responsible for them. Even after a few months, it remains one of the most productive solutions that competitors are only trying to reach today. It is with the help of the new productive chip that we can explain the restriction of chips for shooting only with a narrow circle of new smartphones. at least from a marketing point of view. However, some of them are really related to the hardware features of the gadgets. Here are a dozen of the top ones.

1. Change the aspect ratio for the photo to 16 to 9

How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

How to do it: open the “Camera”, expand the quick settings menu by swiping from the bottom of the screen up, click on the button for changing the aspect ratio, select “16: 9”.

2. Start shooting video as fast as possible

In the Camera application, which has been significantly updated in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, the principle of interaction with the shutter button has changed. Previously, with a long press on it, the burst mode was launched, with the help of which it turned out to make a whole set of frames to select the most successful. It turned out to be useful if there was a desire to capture an interesting moment in active sports. Nevertheless, high-speed shooting with a forced minimum exposure killed the quality of photos, which often turned out to be too blurry and noisy. Now the same action starts recording video, which is much more practical.

The fast video recording mode is especially useful when you need to create a short video for social networks or instant messengers. There is a possibility that the developers from Apple spied on the implementation of this chip on Instagram. this is how stories are created there.

How to do it: open the “Camera”, hold your finger on the shutter button to start recording video and release to stop it.

By the way, if you swipe the shutter button to the right corner of the screen, the video recording mode can be fixed to continue shooting without holding your finger.

3. Take photos while shooting videos

It was possible to take photographs during video recording earlier, and this feature was saved in iPhone 11. For this, a separate shutter button is designed, which appears after the start of shooting the video in the lower right corner of the screen.

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How to do it: open “Camera”, start video recording, take a photo using the small additional shutter button in the lower right corner of the screen.

4. Take panoramas on an ultra-wide-angle camera

How to do it: open the “Camera”, put the shooting in the “Panorama” mode using horizontal swipe, switch the zoom to “0.5x” mode.

Video: How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

5. Capture the image outside the viewfinder

How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

One of the main differences between Apple and other companies is that it does not add technical innovations to its devices just for show. Instead, she tries to squeeze the maximum out of each hardware feature of the device. This also applies to the ultra-wide-angle camera in the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 11 supports capturing photos outside the frame. If there is enough lighting, the smartphone takes two pictures at once: on the main and ultra-wide-angle cameras. Only photos on a regular camera are displayed in the gallery, but you can go to the editor and expand the main image by attaching a part of an ultra-wide-angle image to it (it is stored in memory and is automatically deleted after 30 days). To do this, use the crop tool. the main thing is to enable this function before shooting.

How to do it: open “Settings”, go to the “Camera” section, put the “Capture photo out of frame” and “Capture video out of frame” switches to the active position.

6. Control the use of Deep Fusion mode

How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11
How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

How to do it: open “Settings”, go to the “Camera” section, put the “Capture photos out of frame” switch in the inactive position.

7. Set shutter speed for night mode

How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11
How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

How to do it: open the “Camera”, make sure that the night mode is active (yellow icon at the top of the screen), click on the corresponding button and adjust the exposure time. the maximum level will change, depending on the intensity of external lighting.

8. Switch between modes for the front camera

How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

At the presentation of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, special attention was paid to the increased resolution of the front cameras of the new smartphones. Instead of the 7 megapixels that were used previously, they got 12 megapixels. the same amount as all the other matrices with which the gadgets are equipped. It is a pity that the company almost did not explain that now users have the ability to switch between modes: use a wide angle and 7 megapixels or an ultra-wide angle and 12 megapixels. Switching between them is carried out automatically during the flip of the gadget: wide for vertical format and ultra-wide for horizontal. But it can be done manually.

How to do it: open “Camera”, switch to selfie mode, press the button with the image of two arrows in the center of the screen from the bottom.

9. Try two different “Portrait” modes at once (Pro only)

How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11
How to Turn on Camera on Iphone 11

How to do it: open “Camera”, switch to “Portrait” mode using horizontal swipes, switch to the desired camera.

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