How to Turn on Camera on Asus Laptop

Video calling gives users the opportunity not only to have a lively conversation, but also to see their interlocutor. Most models of modern laptops are equipped with webcams that can capture images as above average.

How to Turn on Camera on Asus Laptop

Usually, when starting client programs (Skype, ICQ, agent), the camera is activated automatically. Otherwise, it requires activation, configuration, and in some cases, downloading and updating its driver.

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Keyboard shortcuts

In order to enable the webcam in an ASUS laptop using a key combination, you must:

  • Press on the keyboard "Fn";
  • Press “V” or the key with the camera shown, while continuing to hold “Fn”. The green LED next to the webcam will turn on. The “Life Frame” or “Asus Camera Screen Saver” program will open on the monitor.

Life frame

To enable the webcam, you must open the utility "Life Frame". To do this, you need:

  • Click on the “Start” button;
  • Click on the line "All Programs";
  • Find the utility “Life Frame”;
  • Launch the program by clicking on it with the mouse. The webcam LED will turn green. An image will appear in the program window.

Asus camera screen saver

For Asus laptops, a standard program has been developed that is responsible for turning on the webcam. In order to use this program, you need:

  • Find the shortcut of the Asus Camera Screen Saver program on the desktop;
  • Open the program with a double click. The webcam is activated.

Check camera activation

You can check the correct operation and activation of the webcam through the device manager. To do this, you need:

  • Open the main menu by clicking the "Start" button;
  • Go to the "Control Panel" section;
  • Click on the line “Equipment and Sound”;
  • Select “Device Manager”;
  • Find and expand the tab "Image Processing Devices";
  • Right click on the name of the webcam. A context menu will open;
  • Make sure the webcam is connected;
  • select “Properties” if the camera is disabled;
  • Click on the “Enable” button in the “General” tab;
  • Save changes by clicking on the “OK” button.

Driver download

Incorrect operation of the webcam may be due to the lack of drivers or the need to update them. To download the driver, you need:

  • Insert the installation disk that comes with the laptop into the drive;
  • Find the right driver;
  • Install it on a PC.

Driver update

In order to update the driver, you should:

  • Click on the “Start” button;
  • Right-click on the line "Computer";
  • Select the "Management" section;
  • Go to the “Device Manager” tab
  • Find the item "Image Processing Devices";
  • Expand it by clicking on the triangle located next to it;
  • Right-click on the name of the webcam;
  • In the context menu, select the "Properties" section;
  • Go to the tab “Driver”;
  • Click on the “Update” button;
  • To restart a computer.

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