How to Turn Mute On iPad Air 2

AirPlay in iOS appeared in version 4.2 or higher, but only with the release of iOS 7 it can be argued that this technology is fully entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. It was in iOS 7 that AirPlay was taken to the Control Panel, and with the necessary equipment, any person has the opportunity to easily and painlessly transfer images from the iPad screen (iPhone, iPod) to AirPlay compatible devices.

What is AirPlay?

Take a look at the definition from Wikipedia:

AirPlay. the name of the technology and protocol developed by Apple, using which provides wireless streaming media (audio, video, images) between devices. Through AirPlay, audio and video can be transferred from a media player (such as iTunes) to any AirPlay compatible device.

I will translate it all into a simple language with specific examples. AirPlay provides image and sound transmission through the air. In this case, nothing special is needed: the main thing is that the receiving device supports AirPlay technology. Using AirPlay, a user can transfer video and sound from iTunes to a TV, transfer sound to wireless speakers wirelessly, transfer image and sound from iPad to a computer, etc.

At the same time, sound and video transmission is carried out in real time without visible delays.

How to enable AirPlay in iOS 7

Let’s test the function AirPlay on iOS 7. For it to work properly, you need to have a device that supports AirPlay technology (for example, Apple TV). But what if there is no such device ?! It doesn’t matter. we’ll use a computer or laptop. Let’s try to make it AirPlay compatible and transfer the image from the iPad screen to the computer screen.

Video: How to Turn Mute On iPad Air 2

Download the Reflector program from the official website. Install it. Actually this is enough to test the functionality of Air Play in iOS 7.

1. Run Reflector on the computer.

2. Open the control center on the iPad. And we wait until AirPlay appears in the control center.

Important! The computer and iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Click on AirPlay.

How to Turn Mute On iPad Air 2

In the drop-down list, select the computer and click on it. Turn on “Video Replay”. The “Video Replay” function is needed to be able to accurately display what you see on the iPad screen on your AirPlay device.

We see that the iPad screen image has appeared on the computer. Now, with any action on the iPad, the contents of the tablet screen are almost instantly displayed on the computer. Reflector, by the way, allows you to record an image (a program for this was created).

If the Video Repeat function is not enabled, then AirPlay only works for streaming in programs that support this. For example, the standard application “Photos”. When AirPlay is on, you will be flipping through photos, and on a computer full-screen photos will be displayed without frames and program menus.

So we showed a great example of using AirPlay on an iPad.

If you have any additions to the article. write comments. For our part, we promise to supplement this material if suitable devices are at hand.