How to Turn A Movie On Your TV Through The Internet

The low resolution monitor is not suitable for watching Blu-ray movies. Below are simple ways to display video on a large screen. The methods will use Wi-Fi, cables and third-party services. A TV and a computer can even be in different rooms. Any chosen method will not bring much trouble or fuss with components. Following the instructions, you can understand how to watch movies from a computer on a TV.

Wi-Fi connection

Wireless broadcasting is a complex method that deserves special attention. But it remains the most popular because every home has a router. Before connecting, you need to prepare several devices that you can not do without:

  • A computer, laptop, or other device that plays video. Through it, you start the server.
  • DLNA TV. It will port everything contained on the PC. If there is a built-in Smart TV function, the connection will be simplified.
  • Internal network connecting laptop, TV. 2 gadgets must connect to the same router.

Developers release Smart TV and computers with DLNA technology. If this function is built-in, this is enough to play music, videos, movies. DLNA instructions will be below.

Google TV is preinstalled on the Samsung TV and finding the right apps is easy. Transferring pictures will be instant without delay. If you have a good router, the video quality will not change.

Instructions for Windows 10

Select the desired file, right-click. In the window that appears, select “Transfer to device.” After select the name of the TV.

Instructions for Windows 7

Right-click on the file and select “Play to.” Click on the TV. After that, a player will appear where you can manage the selected files, change the order in which they are displayed. To add to the list, transfer files through the player. So you can remotely control the show, replenishing it with new files. You can also combine photos, music, and other movies with each other.

It happens that before transferring the image, the “Streaming Media Settings” window appears. Click Enable Media Streaming.

In the next window, check for the checkmark opposite the model of your TV.

Repeat the file transfer procedure.

For convenience, you can transfer files to a separate folder, using it to play. All files will appear on the screen and player of the computer.

When using the Movie and TV feature on Windows 10, the method is slightly different. Open the menu and click “Transfer to device”, click on your TV. On the second monitor, all files will be broadcast. If desired, you can set what will be played.

See also the video instructions to understand how to display video on TV:

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If the PC does not see the TV

The video output to the TV is simple, but it causes difficulties or problems. Each may have different devices and techniques. First, check that everything is connected correctly and which devices are involved in the broadcast.

What to do if the TV does not appear in the list of new devices on the computer? Just wait a bit without closing the list, and the TV will appear. First of all, make sure that the output device has the “Smart TV” function, it is connected to the same router as the computer. Check the connection and operation of the output device.

Other possible problems:

  1. The file does not play, the message “Format not supported” appears on the screen. A common occurrence, the reason is the lack of support for the file format. Or the matter is connected with the computer: on the Windows 10 operating system, the file starts without problems, and an error is issued with Windows 7.
  2. Slows down music / movie playback. If the file is of high quality or weighs a lot, it slows down during playback. If the Internet speed drops, the picture will start to slow down. For example, Full HD video is played without delay. If it is 4K, then it is better to purchase a router with a range of 5 GHz.
  3. There is no sound. Go to the sound settings. It is located next to the clock, then in “Playback Devices”, “Using the default speakers.”
How to Turn A Movie On Your TV Through The Internet

To improve performance, create a media server. Use one of the following applications:

  • Home Media Server. many features and tailoring the program for yourself.
  • Twonky Server is a simple, convenient communication program, for the installation of which you will not need special knowledge.
  • Plex Media Server is a Russified version, with support for mobile gadgets, thereby expanding the list of features.

Cable connection

How to quickly turn on a movie? Cable connection is considered the simplest and takes less time.

Video: How to Turn A Movie On Your TV Through The Internet

Before buying, see which ports are present in the PC and Smart TV. Also measure the distance from the system unit to the second monitor so as not to change the cable several times.

  1. DVI is a popular interface, transmitting video signals of the same quality as HDMI. But before buying, you need to consider that the audio track does not pass through the cable if the specified function is not available on the video card from ATI. Using this connection, connect additional cables with the audio transmission function.
  2. The VGA cable will be older than the previous one, however, it remains relevant to this day. The connector is present on almost all modern devices, but some TV manufacturers are gradually getting rid of the VGA port.
  1. USB connectors are built into every laptop or computer, they are also used to create a connection to the TV. This is possible with a USB to HDMI or VGA converter. To connect a TV, one of these ports must be present.
  1. S-Video is present in all new computers, Smart TV. It is used only for transmitting video tracks with a quality not exceeding HD. The audio track is not transmitted with such a cable.
  2. SCART is a popular port on televisions for transmitting video and audio. This port is absent in the laptop and computer, therefore they use the S-Video-SCART, VGA-SCART connection.
  3. RCA. an interface with three connectors, equipped in all modern TV and video cards. The quality of video signal transmission is worse than in previous versions, especially with regard to color rendering.

How to watch video via cable?

To watch movies from a computer through a cable, first of all, do the following:

  1. Disconnect your laptop / computer and Smart TV.
  2. Disconnect the antenna and other equipment from the TV.
  3. Attach cables and switches.
  4. Turn on your PC / laptop and TV.

If connected correctly, select the appropriate channel on the TV that can be configured through the laptop. It remains to configure the video transfer.

For Windows XP

Right-click in any free space on the desktop, select “Properties”. In the window that appears, open the “Parameters” category. Select a second monitor and click on “Extend Desktop”.

The TV will display the desktop, as in the main monitor, but without folders and other icons. To watch movies, throw the window with the player into the TV. You can adjust the location of the TV: it will be left or right. You can also put the TV as the main monitor. To do this, click “Use device as primary”.

For windows 10

After connecting the TV to the computer, a notification will come or a window about the new monitor will open. You will need to make a choice of use mode:

  1. The display on the second display of information that is broadcast on the first.
  2. Extend the desktop on the new display.
  3. Displaying the image exclusively on the second monitor, the first will turn off.

Having chosen the necessary option, it can be changed by going to the “Monitor Settings”.

DLNA is a technology for combining computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices into one home network (server). I’ll tell you about setting up DLNA for LG TVs using a special program. This will allow you to watch video from a computer.

  1. Download and install Smart Share software on your PC.
  1. After opening the program, its icon will appear in the computer tray. We click on it with the right mouse button and select “Smart Share Program Settings”. On the switch, set “ON” and click “OK”. With this action we give access to files on the PC.
  2. In the “My shared files” tab, you can add or remove folders that will be available on TV for viewing. After click “OK” and “Apply”.
  1. In the “My device settings” section, you can change the name of the server.
  1. In the “Allow / block other devices” section, you need to find your TV and click “Apply”.

This is done with the settings. Now let’s move on to how to watch movies or other content:

  1. On your TV, go to Smart TV and look for Smart Share.
  1. Open “Connected Devices” and select the server that we created earlier.
  2. In the “All folders” section, you will find the files that you have made access to. We open them and watch on the TV.

If you did not find your server in the list, cut down the antivirus program, restart the computer and try again.

Also available for viewing videos with instructions for setting up Smart Share:

How to output video from a computer to a TV using DLNA in a standard way, we wrote in this article.

TV set-top box

Such a set-top box almost completely copies the functionality of the new Smart TV, but the list of features is larger and easier to manage. For example, consider the Apple TV:

  1. Connect it to the TV.
  2. Start watching videos, audio, photos and other content.

Once connected, you will get access to movies and photos that are stored on your iCloud and iTunes account. You can also play small toys by connecting several gamepads to the console.

Of course, Apple TV is adapted for users of Apple products only with licensed files. Therefore, many choose consoles with the Android system, where there are more options and freedom of action. You can watch movies, other videos through the browser, download the application through the Play Market. In fact, these are the same smartphones on the Android platform. In addition, you can connect a keyboard, mouse for quick text entry.

Using third-party programs

For Miracast and Intel Wireless Display, your TV must support these technologies!

  1. Codecs are an important part of any system; thanks to them, a movie and other media files are decoded. K-Lite Codec Pack is a proven program that has been used for several decades. After setting up the application, the function of transferring files to the TV screen will be available.
  1. Download and install the Intel Wireless Display app. The user will be prompted to connect the device to the monitors, find your TV among them, click “Connect”. A digital code will be shown on it. you will need to enter it in the window that opens. Broadcasting is carried out thanks to the connection using a WiFi router. In this case, the processor on the PC must be Intel, starting with the third generation.
  1. Miracast This program is designed for an operating system higher than Windows 8. Click “Device”, this icon is located at the bottom right, then “Projector”, “Add Wireless Monitor”. Connect the display as described in the previous method.

If anyone is interested, you can see how to properly install K-Lite Codec Pack:

As you can see, there are many options to display video from a computer to a large TV screen. Choose the one that seems easier and more affordable for you, and enjoy watching. Good luck