How To Trim The Dog’S Claws

Proper pet care is extremely important. One of the necessary skills of each owner is nail clipping. Whether you are the lucky owner of a Yorkshire terrier puppy or a no less happy owner of friendly mongrels, how to cut the dog’s claws at home will have to be studied. It is necessary to do this theoretically, but it is better to master the skill in practice.

Grooming claws in dogs at home

Most dog breeders carry out claw removal in dogs at home. So how to properly trim the nails of your pet? To prepare for the procedure, stock up with all the necessary tools in advance: a clipper, a disinfector (hydrogen peroxide, alcohol), a styptic pencil, cotton pads, a solution of potassium permanganate.

Do not forget about the means that can divert the attention of your pet from this procedure: a delicacy or a fun toy, but for someone there is nothing more beautiful than the owner’s embrace. The position on your lap will not only calm the animal, but also allow you to fix it, reducing the risk of injury. There is nothing complicated in a haircut and after a few circumcisions the question of how to cut the claws of a dog will stop bothering you.

When can I cut my dog’s nails

How To Trim The Dog'S Claws

Haircut nail dog of any breed over time will become an ordinary procedure, not causing discomfort to either the pet or the owner, or may turn into torture with the wrong approach. It is not necessary to carry out the procedure if the animal is tired, irritated, sick or hungry. Choose a time when your friend is calm and healthy. Take a good walk in the fresh air, then feed it and start cutting.

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How to cut?

How To Trim The Dog'S Claws

How to trim the claws of a dog

Many dog ​​breeders ask the same question: "How to cut a dog’s nails at home?" To hold it correctly the first time is difficult, not knowing the anatomy of the structure of the dog’s claw. Outside, the nail plate is a horny tissue, but inside there is a very sensitive area containing many vessels and nerves – pulp.

How To Trim The Dog'S Claws

If you touch this connective tissue during the haircut, bleeding will appear. When the pet’s claws are light, the pulp reddishes through the thickness of the cornified layers and pruning is easier. If the dark, then you do not need to rush to perform the procedure at a time, and cut off gradually. Practically in any breed, if you cut your nails regularly, the pulp recedes a bit, which facilitates the process of cutting.

For the first time, in order to avoid unnecessary excitement, it is better to cut the nails in the grooming salon or at the veterinarian. In a specialized institution, a novice dog breeder will receive not only advice on how to properly trim the dog’s claws, but also the answer to any other question that concerns him. Regardless of where you decide to prune, the procedure is carried out in several stages:

How To Trim The Dog'S Claws

  1. Conveniently we set pet, we take a pad and we fix. It is advisable even before the first trimming to teach your pet not to tear the paw out of your hands and to endure touching the nail.
  2. Fix the finger, which will be a haircut. It is better to avoid touching the interdigital spaces, because many animals reflexively retract the limb in response. Determine the zone of circumcision, examining the pet’s nail and finding the boundary of the pulp.
  3. Slowly begin to cut the very tip.
  4. Do not forget about the rudimentary nail and cut it with scissors or a nail clipper.
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How often should I cut my nails

Often the nails are erased in a natural way when the animal runs on asphalt. It is impossible to designate a specific time of cutting for all breeds. The growth of the nail affects the age of the pet, nutrition, mobility, frequency of walking and other factors. The best reference point is to periodically inspect the paws of the animal, if you see that the claws of the industry, take up the haircut. The length of the nail should not interfere with free walking. It is necessary to carry out the procedure on time, otherwise there is a risk of injury. In small breeds, out-of-time pruning can change the gait and cause joint problems.

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