How to Translate Windows 7 Ultimate Into Professional

Hello, tell me, can I change the version of Windows without reinstalling? For example, from the home version to the professional?

The answer is short. it is possible, but this is not a documented opportunity and not all functions can work, as well as a violation of the license if you did not buy an increased edition.

By introducing various editions of the Windows operating system to the market, the manufacturer implies that the user will choose the edition that best suits his needs and financial capabilities. However, in life everything is different: ready-made PCs usually come with a preinstalled system of the simplest (and cheapest) edition, and unlicensed users, without much bother, put one of the older releases. All this often leads to the fact that the Windows edition needs to be changed, and preferably without reinstalling the system.

The main problem is that the user is faced with the need to change the Windows edition when the system is already "settled": installed and configured the necessary software, equipment, data, etc., etc., are laid out in the usual way.

There are two scenarios for revision changes. One of them can be called "official". Microsoft supports the transition from junior to senior quite officially. It is enough to purchase a special key or box.

Worse when the editors need to be downgraded. This usually happens when licensing pirated versions, when boxes or licenses of the desired edition are purchased, which does not coincide with what actually costs on computers. Officially, Microsoft does not support such changes and recommends installing the system from scratch, however there is one undocumented feature that we will consider.

Everyone knows that if you run the Windows installer in a loaded OS, then one of the available options will be updating the system while preserving all installed applications and settings.

How to Translate Windows 7 Ultimate Into Professional

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However, such an update is possible only if the edition of the installed system matches the edition of the distribution, otherwise we will only be offered a new installation:

How to Translate Windows 7 Ultimate Into Professional

There are no official ways to get around this limitation, so it’s time to turn to undocumented features. We find it difficult to imagine why Microsoft does not support arbitrary changes to the Windows edition by entering the appropriate key and / or updating with the distribution of the desired edition, especially since there are no technical obstacles.

Empirically, it was found that the installer receives information about the system’s edition from the registry branch:

Video: How to Translate Windows 7 Ultimate Into Professional

as parameter value EditionID. For a successful update with a change of edition, we need to change this parameter so that it matches the edition of the target distribution.

How to Translate Windows 7 Ultimate Into Professional

Some sources also recommend changing the setting. Productname, however, this is completely redundant. After change EditionID You should immediately upgrade without rebooting the system. This method is suitable for all current Windows client systems and below we will consider compliance EditionID editions of the operating system.

Windows 7

This version of Windows has the largest official number of editions, but the naming system is simple and straightforward, making it easy to identify the right one. The following values ​​are valid for Windows 7 EditionID depending on the edition:

  • Starter. The initial, most limited edition, was distributed only in the OEM channel, most often with netbooks
  • Homebasic. home Basic
  • Homepremium. Home extended
  • Professional. Professional
  • Ultimate. Maximum
  • Enterprise. Corporate, applies only to the volume licensing program

All editions, except the Initial and Corporate ones, were available both at retail and through OEM channels, without differing in anything except the type of license, however, you will not be able to upgrade from the OEM distribution using the box version key and vice versa.

Windows 8.1

At first glance, the editions of Windows 8 became smaller, just Basic, Professional and Corporate. But in fact, Microsoft managed to segment them so that in fact the editions of Windows 8.1 and valid values EditionID it turned out even more:

  • Core. Basic
  • CoreSingleLanguage. Basic for one language, OEM only
  • ConnectedCore. Basic with Bing, OEM free for major manufacturers
  • CoreConnectedSingleLanguage. Basic with Bing for one language, for manufacturers only
  • Professional. Professional
  • ProfessionalWMC. Professional with Windows Media Center
  • Enterprise. Corporate, volume licensing channel only

As you can see, only the Basic Editions turned out to be four, although you can purchase only two of them at retail or in the form of OEM delivery: Basic and Basic for one language. Versions with Bing are available only to manufacturers, and you can get it only with equipment. However, you may need to return to this version if you deleted the preinstalled version and now want to return the license. In this case, you will need to find the installation distribution, which is quite difficult (they are not available in the public domain and did not exist).

Windows 10

The situation with Windows 10 tends to completely repeat the history of Windows 8.1, and officially announced three editions: Home, Professional and Corporate. Actually, there are more editions; Home for one language is already available and, possibly, other options will appear.

At the moment, we can talk about four editions, but this list does not purport to be complete and will be updated as information appears.

  • Core. Home
  • CoreSingleLanguage. Home for one language, OEM only
  • Professional. Professional
  • Enterprise. Corporate, volume licensing channel only

To update the data and to update them in a timely manner, we ask our readers, especially those who have purchased devices with preinstalled Windows 10 or updated preinstalled versions of Windows 8.1, to check the value of the keys EditionID and ProductName.

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