How to Transfer Whatsapp Chats to Another Phone

The acquisition of a new smartphone is always a pleasant event. Especially iPhone lovers sin. However, from time to time everyone wants to update their device to a more advanced and modern one. And here a new problem appears: how to transfer Whatsapp chat to another phone? After all, it is difficult to imagine at the present time a person who would not use various instant messengers. No wonder. they are easy to use, with the help of them you can communicate in whole groups, share photos and videos with each other. Even communicate via video from anywhere in the world.

And what a shame, when all the dear soul correspondence disappears at once. To prevent this from happening, let’s try to understand the intricacies of the popular messenger and how to restore correspondence on various devices.

How to Transfer Whatsapp Chats to Another Phone

How to install "WhatsApp" on the new phone

With the installation of the messenger, in principle, there should be no problems. The only thing. It should be remembered that you need to download the application from trusted sources. In no case do not risk and do not download files from obscure sources to your phone, otherwise you run the risk of getting a virus instead of communicating. over, in reliable sources the application is distributed absolutely free. And the verified ones are the App Store or Google Play, depending on the operating system of your phone. And also you can download "WhatsApp" from the official site.

After downloading the file, it remains only to install and open the application. Next, there is nothing left but to transfer Whatsapp chat to another phone. But remember a very important point: in no case do not install "WhatsApp"without first creating a backup copy of the chat on the old phone, otherwise it will not be possible to restore all the data.

Create a backup

The first thing to remember is the messenger "WhatsApp" It is closely connected with the SIM card, therefore, if you want everything to remain the same, you will have to insert your old number with copied contacts into the new phone, otherwise nothing will work.

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To transfer a chat "WhatsApp" on a new phone in the form in which it was on the old phone, first of all, you need to take care of the backup. You can do this in the application settings. In this case, you can specify how often "WhatsApp" must save your data.

Basically, "WhatsApp" by default, he copies the history of correspondence once a day. Archives are stored in iCloud cloud storage or Google-drive (depending on the operating system of your phone), or in the phone’s memory. This can be either an internal memory or an SD card. You can find the necessary files in the / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases or WhatsApp / Databases folder and then transfer them to a new phone. Only after that, you can think about installing and transferring Whatsapp and chats to another phone.

Transfer Contacts

Before you ask yourself how to transfer Whatsapp chat to another phone, as mentioned above, you need to transfer contacts from the phone book to the memory of the SIM card. We think that it will not be difficult for users of modern smartphones and it is not worthwhile to dwell separately. Just go to the address book and follow the prompts.

After successful installation "WhatsApp" he will scan all the users from your list and determine who has this application. After which he himself will add these people to the messenger’s contact list. You can enjoy communication.

What to do if gadgets with different OS?

It’s a completely different matter if you suddenly decide to change, say, an Android phone to iOS, or vice versa. Unfortunately, in this case, you will not be able to restore the invaluable correspondence. Alas, even if you transfer backups from one phone to another, you won’t succeed, because transferring Whatsapp chat to another phone with an excellent operating system will not work because the format of the archive files will be different. In other words, your brand new smartphone will not be able to read files with an unknown format for it.

What to do in this case? It’s a pity, but you can forget about correspondence, the maximum that you can think of. save them as screenshots in jpeg format. This is in case you need a certain piece of correspondence. In the same way, you can save pictures, videos and other files attached to the chat.

To summarize

Once again, we repeat the procedure for the necessary actions. If you wondered how to transfer Whatsapp chat to another phone, on "Android" let’s say you should:

Copy all chats to "Google Drive" or a memory card. This is done in the settings of the program itself. It is enough to indicate how often the application should backup, and then log in to your account "Google".

Copy all the contacts in the old phone from the phone to the SIM card. Next, insert the SIM card into the new device.

Download and run the application. The program itself will ask if it is necessary to restore the data. After your confirmation, all chats will be updated.

How to transfer Whatsapp chat to another phone. On an iPhone or iPad, transferring a chat is roughly similar to "Android". The only thing. instead "Google drive" you will need iCloud cloud storage. Everything else, in principle, remains unchanged.