How to Transfer Numbers From Phone To Computer

As you know, mobile devices are not perfect. They break down, fail, data from them are sometimes lost. The loss of contacts from the phone book can be very painful and noticeable, because there are numbers of people who are important in our lives. Given this, the creation of a spare base of telephone numbers is a necessary step that can protect our data from loss. In this article I will tell you how to transfer contacts from phone to computer, what methods will help us in this, and how to use them.

How to Transfer Numbers From Phone To Computer

Transfer contacts from phone to PC

How to create a copy of phone contacts on a computer

There are at least a few ways that can help us with the question of how to copy contacts from a phone to a PC. Below I will describe each of them, and explain in detail how to transfer contacts from a smartphone to a PC.

Method 1. We use the application "Contacts"

The easiest way to transfer contacts from phone to computer is to use the capabilities of the Contacts application of our mobile device. To do this, go to this application, click on the settings button (usually the leftmost touch button), select “Import / Export” in the list of options.

Import and export contacts

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We are interested in exporting data to various media. Depending on the OS version, you will see options such as “Export to internal memory”, “Export to SD memory card”, “Export to storage”, and so on. When choosing one of these options, you will receive your contacts in the drive (or location) of your choice in the form of a file “Contacts.vcf” (contacts.vcf), which can be opened using “Microsoft Outlook”, “TheBat!”, “Contacts Windows ”,“ vCardOrganizer ”and other computer programs on your PC.

I also note that if the names in your phone book are written in Cyrillic, then instead of Cyrillic names when displaying contacts on your computer, you will see a set of chaotic characters that is associated with the use of the Android OS UTF-8 encoding, while the indicated programs use a different encoding by default. Windows 1251.

To transfer one encoding to another, you can use a different set of tools. For example, the text editor Sublime Text allows you to quickly encode from UTF-8 to Windows 1251, for which you need to click on “File”. “Open File”, open our file with contacts, then select the option “Save with Encoding” and select “ Cyrillic Windows 1251. " After that, the contact file will be saved in an acceptable manner for displaying the Cyrillic alphabet in MS Outlook.

Change Contact Encoding

Method 2: Sync with your Google Account

To copy contacts from mobile to computer, you must have a Google account, which must be used both on your smartphone and on your PC.

Now you need to do the following:

  1. Go to your phone settings. Accounts. Google;
  2. Click on our Google account;
  3. Tap on the option "Synchronize contacts" (or with a similar name), and wait until the synchronization passes;

We synchronize contacts with Google

  • Then log in to our Google account on the computer, go to "Mail"
  • On the left will be the inscription "Gmail" with an arrow, click on the arrow and select "Contacts";
  • Open contacts in Gmail mail

  • Here you will see a list of your contacts with phones, in addition, your friends from the Google network will also be there;
  • Now, to save our contacts in the document, click on "Advanced", then "Export", you will be offered several options for saving. Choose the most optimal for yourself (for example, the first option will allow you to view data in Excel format), and save the contacts to your PC.
  • Method 3. Specialized software contacts for smartphones

    You can also transfer contacts from phone to computer using specialized programs that come with the phone. For Samsung smartphones, this is the well-known Samsung Kies program, for Sony. Sony PC Companion, and for transferring data from iPhone it will be easiest to use the iCloud data storage (Settings. iCloud. Contact Synchronization. “Merge”). Now by going to the cloud site and entering your Apple ID and password, you can always access your contacts.


    The answer to the question of how to transfer contacts from your phone to a computer will be using various methods described by me above. The simplest and most convenient of them is to export your contact list through the Contacts application, which will allow you to get contact data in the form of a small file with the vcf extension, which can be saved to your computer. Try the tools I have listed, they have proven their effectiveness in transferring data from user smartphones to PCs.