How to Transfer Music Via Android Bluetooth

06/04/2017 12:41:00

Every year, a huge number of services and sites for listening to music are created for mobile phone users: from the VKontakte page to Soundcloud. It’s convenient when all the tracks are stored on remote servers and you don’t need to download music to the gadget’s memory to manage your favorite songs. And in order to share a song, just click one virtual button.

However, many owners of mobile devices prefer to store music on their phone and run tracks through the application or a pre-installed audio player. How to transfer music from phone to phone if it is stored in the gadget’s memory? Alternatively, throw the track by mail or through the "cloud", however, you will have to spend quite a lot of time on this.

If you need to quickly share a musical composition, it is best to use one of the most affordable ways:

  • Via bluetooth
  • Through the application

Let’s consider both methods in more detail.

Method 1: How to transfer bluetooth music

Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to pair two phones to transfer music without mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. The main thing is that both gadgets are equipped with the appropriate module and are not further than 20 meters from each other.

How to Transfer Music Via Android Bluetooth

To share music via Bluetooth, do the following:

  • Enter phone settings
  • Find the Wireless Networks section
  • Select Bluetooth Mode
  • Enable module
  • Launch Bluetooth on a second phone
  • On one of the devices, click “Pairing”

If you need to quickly find and transfer music from Android to your phone, we recommend using the file manager. Using it is very convenient to manipulate media files in folders, copy and transfer them from your Fly phone to another phone. To do this, just select the desired track, call up the dialog box, click on the transfer command and select Bluetooth.

Read more about applications for working with files on a smartphone in the article “Best file managers on Android”.

Method 2: File Transfer Applications

This method is suitable for those users who prefer to solve any problems using special applets. Applications must be installed on both devices, and on one of them you will need to launch mobile Internet and configure a Wi-Fi access point.

The most popular programs for transferring all kinds of files, from music and video to contacts from the phone book are SHAREit and Xender.


OS Version: Android 2.2 or later

With this application, music from phone to phone can be transferred not only to individual tracks, but also to entire albums. The program has an intuitive interface. To transfer a file, you need to go through a few simple steps:

  1. Enter the program under the login from any available social network
  2. Click on the Submit button
  3. Select a file
  4. Find recipient

After that, in a matter of seconds, the selected music track will be on another phone.


OS Version: Android 2.2 or later

Xender has similar file transfer functionality between phones. At the same time, users can create a group of four devices for sharing. The maximum file transfer speed is 10 Mb / s.

Now you know how to transfer music to another phone using the capabilities of Bluetooth, as well as through applications. And which method is the most convenient for you? Tell us about it in the official group of the company Fly in Vkontakte.