How to Transfer Information From Phone to Computer

05/25/2017 21:27:00

After acquiring a new phone, the user inevitably raises the question of how to transfer contacts from the old gadget. In the case of photos and video files, everything is simple. the data is simply copied to the SD card. But what to do with hundreds of numbers in the phone book?

Manually rewriting numbers is unlikely to work here. This is too long, and there is a chance that you will be mistaken in one or another figure. In the case of transferring contacts, a computer or laptop will come to the rescue. But how to transfer contacts from phone to computer? You will find the answer in our article.

How to Transfer Information From Phone to Computer

There are three main ways to move contacts to a PC:

Method 1: Through a Google Account

Each user of an Android smartphone must have a Google account with which applications are installed and updated. Through your account, you can copy numbers in two stages.

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Before transferring contacts from the phone to the computer, you need to synchronize:

  • Enter smartphone settings
  • Select Accounts
  • Click on a Google item or add it using a command in the list
  • Set the switch opposite the "Contacts"
  • Click on the menu in the upper right corner
  • Click “Sync”

After that, you can proceed directly to copying the numbers. This happens using the settings of the "Contacts" system application. This program has an export and import function. All numbers are packed into a vcf file, which can then be sent by e-mail:

  • Launch internet on smartphone
  • Open "Contacts"
  • Click on the dropdown menu
  • Select Import / Export.
  • Specify a SIM card or internal memory as an export source
  • Choose email address
  • Specify contacts for transfer

After a few seconds, all contacts will be reset to e-mail. They can be left in the electronic box or transferred to the PC memory.

By the way, numbers from the phone book in the form of a vcf file can also be copied to an SD card, and then transferred to a computer’s hard drive through a card reader. In this case, it is important that applications that are deleted after removing it are not installed on the card.

Method 2: How to transfer contacts from a phone via USB through a computer

If the contacts from the phone need to be transferred urgently, while there is no time to synchronize with your Google account, it is possible to copy the phone book to a PC via USB. To do this, you first need to move all the numbers to the memory of the mobile device:

  1. In the Android settings, open Contacts
  2. Choose import / export
  3. In the "source" field, select a SIM card
  4. Set the phone memory as storage

Now the contacts from the phone’s memory can be transferred to the SD card as a vcf file. Make sure that the copying was correct and connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable:

  • In the USB start menu on the phone, assign file transfer
  • Open the disc folder on your PC
  • Find the phone in the list
  • Go into the internal memory
  • Copy the business card file to PC memory

Method 3: How to copy contacts through third-party programs

In the "Applications" section on the Play Market, hundreds of programs are collected that can be used to copy phone numbers to a computer. Despite the difference in settings and interface, all of these applications have one thing in common. the principle of creating a vcf file into which contacts are packed for sending to a PC.

Having tested several programs for transferring contacts, we decided to recommend our readers the AirDroid service, which allows you to remotely control the phone from a PC. An account in this service is created in three steps:

  1. Open the official website of the service and register
  2. Install the AirDroid app on your mobile device
  3. Log in to your account.

We examined the main ways to transfer contacts from phone to PC. Do you have any difficulties during this procedure? Tell us about it in the official group of the company Fly Vkontakte.