How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

Apple phones are famous for their cameras. It is not surprising that their owners constantly take thousands of photos.

It is physically impossible to store them all on the device, so you have to copy it to your computer’s hard drive.

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

Due to the nature of Apple products, this procedure is not so obvious. This article will give instructions on how to transfer photos from iphone to PC.

The features of copying photos on OS X, Windows and using iPhoto will also be highlighted.

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

The operating systems iOS and OS X are highly integrated. However, the connected device does not appear as a physical storage medium.

Those who don’t want to use the iPhoto service will come to the rescue with the option “Image Capture”.

This utility is built into OS X and allows you to move photos and other images from your phone to a specific directory or application.

Find using SpotLight search. To do this, just start typing the name in the search bar.

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

The program will show all the photos and options available on the device.

It is possible to configure automatic actions when connecting a device (copying to a hard disk and deleting originals, for example).

For the rest, this is actually a normal folder with which you can do all the same actions.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer Windows 8, 7 and XP

ITunes is freely installed on a Windows computer.

However, you can copy photos without synchronization, because this OS is able to recognize the phone as a physical medium.

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The system will offer a quick way in automatic mode.

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

In the startup menu, just select the "Import Images and Video" item. The illustration shows the actions from the iPad, transferring pictures from the iPhone is no different.

However, the message may not appear or the user may automatically close it.

In this case, you can use Windows Explorer. First you need to open “Computer” and double-click on the icon of the connected device.

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

This will open access to the internal data storage (Internal storage).

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

It will have the root directory of DCIM, in which the images will be stored.

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

These files can be handled in the same way as with any other. Copy to disk, send by email or delete.

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer Using iTunes

iTunes by itself does not involve working with photos. Usually for such purposes they use the built-in programs in OS X. iPhoto.

The program opens automatically after the connection to the PC has been made.

It can also be opened using the dock panel. In the main window, just select the photos you want to import and click "Import Selected".

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

You can import both one and all photos at once. After the transfer, the program will offer to save or delete photos from the phone.

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

Removing the original image will free up space in memory, and speed up the backup.

All photos in iPhoto are sorted by upload date, albums and devices.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer via wifi

Along with connecting with a wire, transferring photos can also be done wirelessly.

The process of transferring photos using Wi-Fi is not fundamentally different from other methods. That is, it happens the same way.

Only before starting the transfer will you need to synchronize via Wi-Fi. This is done as follows.

First you need to connect the device using a cable and open iTunes.

In the left part of the window, in the "Devices" section, you need to select iPhone or iPad for synchronization.

In the "Overview" tab in the "Parameters" block, you will need to put a checkbox opposite "Synchronization." devices over Wi-Fi. "

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

Now the gadget will automatically synchronize when it is on the same network with the computer on which iTunes is installed.

From the phone, synchronization can be started via the device settings.

To do this, in the "Basic" menu, you will need to select "Sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi."

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

The presence of synchronization is indicated by the icon in the phone tray.

How to Transfer Files From Iphone to Computer

The device now appears as connected. Therefore, all actions on it can be performed in the same way as when connected using a conventional cable. twisted pair.

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