How to Transfer a Game With Iphone On Android

How to Transfer a Game With Iphone On Android

Today, mobile games are popular as Dendy 20 years ago. They are the perfect escape from boredom. But, here you have bought a new tablet. the latest model. Or, you decided to change your green robot to a bitten apple. How to transfer all save games to a new device? Find out soon.

Transfer saves from one Android device to another

The Android operating system has quite a few differences from iOS. It has many advantages, but a single data warehouse has not yet been thought out. You can’t just click copy / paste and transfer files from one device to another. Therefore, moving game saves is necessary using special programs.

File managers come to the rescue. An example of such a program TapPouch Wi-Fi File Transfer. It is free and suitable for all Android, starting with version 2.2. This application will help transfer all the files of the desired game to another device.

To get started with the file manager, install it on two devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Next. run TapPouch, select the desired folder with the game and transfer all the files using the Share files option. On the receiving device, you need to confirm the receipt of the file, and enter the password.

But, if you didn’t succeed in moving the save, then only tablet root and the program can come to the rescue Titanium backup, with the help of which the file transfer will be performed. To do this, do the following.

  1. Unlock and gain superuser rights.
  2. Install Titanium Backup on two devices. “donor” and “receiver”.
  3. Create a backup of the desired application and transfer the received files to a similar folder on the "empty" device.
  4. Next, on the same device, in Titanium Backup, go to the “Backups” tab and restore the application we are interested in.
  5. Good luck smiled and kept saving on the new phone. You can play on.

Transfer files from iOS to Android and vice versa

But here everything is not so simple as in the previous version. You cannot just transfer saves to a device with a different operating system. On such devices, a completely different architecture. And even if you transfer the save files or the whole game from Android to iOS, you won’t get the result. But, fortunately, everything is not so bad. And that’s why.

There are games that use cloud storage rather than the phone’s memory to store information. Most often, such applications use Game Center. That is, all your saves are stored on the Internet. For example, Clash of Clans.

If the application saves files in the device’s memory, then you can transfer the save only to the same operating system. That is, from iOS to iOS or from Android to Android. So if your phones have different operating systems, then you are lucky enough to go through your favorite game again.

So, what is next?

Gradually, game creators come to the point that all information is stored on the Internet, and you can play from any phone. In the meantime, to transfer the results of games from one device to another, you need to spend a lot of time. If you still could not transfer the save, then think it might be better to start the game again or download a new one.