How To Transcode Video For iPad Mini

How many holivars have always been online that iPhone has a lot of disadvantages. In my opinion, most often called a drawback features that are in everyday use rarely make themselves felt.

When iPhone It was not yet as popular as it is today, many have criticized it for the fact that it does not support many popular video formats and viewing video on the iPhone is problematic. over, for some, this feature of the iPhone has become a reason not to buy a device. video formats that support iPhone, iPad.

iPhone does not support many video formats, is this a problem?

Today the situation has not changed on the part of the i-gadget itself, but this is no longer a problem, since the Apple App Store has a huge number of all kinds of video players for iPhone, iPad, which easily read most of the popular video formats.

Personally, I do not use video players from the App Store and sometimes (extremely rarely) I have to use video converters. Of course, today there are many programs that can transcode video to any format, there is with great functionality and tons of settings. But we, the lazy iPhone and iPad users, are used to making things simple.

Convert video for iPhone, iPad. it’s easy

I want to recommend everyone a free program for video conversion for iPhone, iPad, Android called Freemake video converter.

You can convert video for anything. But why do I recommend it Freemake video converter to convert video to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch? Everything is very simple. in Freemake Video Converter everything is very simple. Here is such a tautology, but it is real, true.

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Video: How To Transcode Video For iPad Mini

Having selected the desired video file, you just need to select the device on which you gathered later to watch this video. The program converts the video, choosing the optimal settings and resolution for your i-device. In other words, if you select the icon from the iPhone 4, then Freemake Video Converter will convert the video for a resolution of 640 by 960 (if the source file allows).

How To Transcode Video For iPad Mini

And of course, the second time I note that Freemake Video Converter is a completely free program! Converting a video for my iPhone 4 is a trifle. A minimum of actions, it is unnecessary to delve into, everything is intuitive and is accompanied by pictures.

Freemake Video Converter. The Best Free Video Conversion Software

For me Freemake video converter The best video conversion solution for iPhone, iPad. free and in Russian.

The following are some of the features of Freemake Video Converter:

  • Ultra-fast conversion with CUDA and DXVA
  • Convenient built-in video editor
  • YouTube Auto Upload
  • Convert videos from 50 sites
  • Support 200 formats

And now I’ll tell you why I suddenly decided to write this material. The fact is that I signed on to Freemake twitter and recently there was a note that now Freemake Video Converter has a video conversion profile for the new iPad (iPad 3).

Below is the official announcement about the program update.

If you did not find the answer to your question or something did not work out, and in the comments below there is no suitable solution, ask a question through our help form. It is fast, simple, convenient and does not require registration. You will find answers to your and other questions in this section.

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