How to Track Iphone From Another Phone

How to Track Iphone From Another Phone

How to track Android phone?

You can monitor using your mobile phone in various ways. In the articles “How to monitor the phone” and “How to track Android via the Internet”, we already talked about how to organize monitoring of a phone, more precisely a smartphone, or a tablet based on the Android operating system. But in today’s article, I would like to talk about another elegant way to track the phone and, most importantly, to make it hidden.

How to track your phone?

  • Foreword
  • Features of Avast Anti-Theft
  • Download Avast Anti-Theft
  • Configure Avast Anti-Theft
  • Using Avast Anti-Theft

Today we will talk about the Avast Anti-Theft application, which, in addition to its main function, Anti-Theft can be used as an application for tracking the phone.

In the beginning I called this method “Elegant”, this is not because I am a big fan of Avast antivirus, but because installing Avast antivirus along with Avast Anti-Theft program, with which we will monitor the phone, you can perfectly mask and hide the fact surveillance.

Avast anti-theft

Why Avast Anti-Theft?

By installing any application to track your phone on your phone, you give this application a bunch of rights and permissions. Therefore, it is very important that the program, or rather the developer, have a good reputation. And Avast, as you know, is not Turker Bayram with its malicious applications, which I talked about in the article “How to find out who went to Instagram.” Avast is reliability! I do not speak in terms of antivirus, this is a separate issue. I’m talking about the fact that he does not need the secrets of your phone. Of course there is no 100% guarantee, but this is unlikely.

Key features of Avast Anti-Theft

Let’s look at what a well-known antivirus company offers to the user. To begin with, the application has two versions: free and paid.

In the free version:

  • Location tracking.
  • Complete and final data destruction.
  • Emergency phone lock.
  • Turn on the siren.
  • Hidden forwarding of all calls and SMS messages.
  • Sending messages to the phone.
  • The call to the phone.
  • Partial masking of the application on the phone.
  • List of trusted SIM cards.
  • Save battery power.
  • Low Battery Notification.
  • Remote reboot.
  • Remotely Changing Avast Anti-Theft Settings

In the premium version:

  • Remotely listening and recording sound.
  • Camera shot (front and back).
  • Receive data stored on the phone.

As you can see, even in the free version of the Avast Anti-Theft application, there are quite large opportunities. Now let’s figure out how to install it, configure it and work with it correctly.

Download Avast Anti-Theft

You need to install the application on the device that you want to track. Remotely install fails. You must have physical access to a smartphone or other mobile device.

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To get started, go to the download page. You can download the Avast Anti-Theft app from this direct link from Google Play. We go to the official page of the application and click "Install."

Recently, the Avast Anti-Theft application has become part of the Avast Antivirus application. It is not possible to install separately.

As I said, every time you download applications from the market, you need to look at what rights the program asks for. In this case, the list of permissions is quite large, and this is not good. But there is nothing to be done about it, since the program really needs access to these parameters for the correct operation.

After installation, click "Open" or close Google Play and launch the application using the icon on the desktop.

Configure Avast Anti-Theft

After starting, you will be prompted to enter the name of the owner of the device. Enter and click "Continue."

Now you need to set the PIN code.

Enter the secret code twice and click “Confirm”.

We link the created account with the Avast web panel.

To do this, you need to register your account on the Avast website. Enter your work email address and double password. I really do not recommend registering or logging in using social networks.

Do not forget to save the password securely, you will need it. For this purpose, I recommend using the best KeePass password manager in my opinion.

If you did everything correctly, the main program window will appear.

To activate the device and enable protection, it is necessary to set the slider to the active position. The program will not enable the tracking mode until all the required fields are filled in!

After turning on the hidden mode, the program shortcut on the desktop and in the application menu will be deleted. To call the application, you need to send a special command from the control panel on the Avast website. After that, the application will rise and you can change the settings. In addition, you can change the application settings directly from the control panel, remotely, without resorting to launching the application on the device itself.

In principle, there is nothing to tell, everything is extremely simple. You will figure it out for yourself. A lot here depends on your personal preferences. The developer did his best and provided every item with detailed hints.

Everything about the phone, we sort of figured out. Now let’s move on to the Avast web interface with which we will monitor and control your smartphone / tablet via the Internet.

We go to the official Avast site (in my case, I used the mobile version of the site, because I wanted to track the phone using another phone) and enter the login and password that we registered when installing the application.

If the interface is in English, then immediately change it to your language. In my case, Russian. We click on the icon “Three stripes” and in the drop-down menu we click on the item “Language Settings”. Then select the desired language.

The main page displays all devices on which the Avast Anti-Theft application and other Avast products are installed. By clicking on the device we get to the control center. All settings, monitoring and control of the device occur here.

At the top is the status of the device, and below are the management tools. I will not talk in detail about each tool, I will only tell you how to enable or disable a particular function.

By clicking on one of the icons you enter the function control. The gray color of the icon indicates that the function is not activated, and the green color means that the tool is turned on.

For example, you need to track the location on a map. Click on the “Find” icon, which is responsible for the location of the phone, and look at where the smartphone or tablet is currently located. In addition, it is possible to view the entire history of the movement of the phone and the exact coordinates of the device, both for the entire time and for a certain period.

Now a few words about how the program hides its presence. As I understand it, in the premium version the application can hide itself completely. The user will not see the application in the list of their applications. In the regular version there is no such possibility, but there is an interesting function, the activation of which does not give the user the opportunity to delete the application. When I get the premium version for the test, I’ll tell you how everything works there and whether the game is worth the candle.

Well, that’s all. In all the rest, I hope to figure it out for yourself. In general, I was pleased with this application and I can safely recommend it to you knowing that this application will not harm you and your loved ones.

Do not forget that there are many applications that offer the same functions, but while you follow others, they can follow you. Do not forget about the safety of your loved ones and the protection of your phone!

As you can see, tracking the phone is not so difficult. I tried to explain as accessible as possible, so that it would be clear even to a novice in computer matters. If you have questions, write in the comments. I would also like to know your opinion about the program, it may not coincide with mine, but it can be very useful for visitors to our site. As always, all comments except mat and politics will be approved. Well, do not forget to subscribe to us on social networks. Good luck friends!