How to Tie WhatsApp To Another Phone

Do you have a smartphone and want to link Viber to two phone numbers at once? Or use the Viber application very much and want to know what number is used.

Viber on two numbers.

Many people like the program because of its simplicity and lack of the need to remember a complex username and password. Installation and activation of the program takes place almost automatically, without requiring the user to perform any complex actions. For one reason or another, people often want to use Viber for two numbers on the same smartphone, while distinguishing between contacts.

The regular capabilities of the program can not be done. Viber is tied to only one number and quickly switch to the second number does not work. On the Internet, answering this question. It is advised to remove the vibe, then reinstall and specify a different SIM card number. You can do so, provided that:
– message history from the previous vibe number you do not need;
– This number will not be claimed for some time.

In other words, to switch back, you will need to perform a second procedure: uninstall and install the application. But, I don’t really like this solution, I suggest using other methods:

MIUI 8 has an app cloning feature (dual apps). You can create copies of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, VK, etc. including Viber, entering in the registration data different phone numbers and set their settings.
viber dual applications

We go in "Settings" and find "Double applications"
double applications vibe vibe another number

How to Tie WhatsApp To Another Phone

Select Viber (the switch will become active), and the second Viber icon with a yellow icon will appear on the desktop. That’s all you can use Viber with a different number.

Note: in order to avoid errors in the program, you must first exit one program and only then run a copy and vice versa.

The second way: for those who use MIUI 8, it is possible to add a new user (creating a second space). A new user is created who can use his set of programs, while the files of the first user will not be visible to the second and vice versa. Switching between users is carried out in a couple of seconds. As an option, set users different numbers of vibers and switch between them. Cloning with other programs so far has not been possible since: there is a developer signature and activation by package name.

How to change the number in the vibe.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the number in the vibe and many people do not know how to do it. It is very easy to do. the first is to deactivate Viber.

vibe settings
Go to "Settings", "Confidentiality"

Viber account
We disconnect the account, then register again, that’s all the number in Viber has changed, it took several minutes.