How to Test Computer Power Supply

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A computer power supply is a secondary power source that is needed to supply DC components to a computer by converting the mains voltage to the required values. The power of the power supply is one of its main components, thanks to which the smooth and stable operation of the PC is guaranteed. If the capacity is not enough, you can wait for the appearance of problems. For example, at peak values, the computer will be corrupted to turn off, as it does not have enough power to operate all components of the system.

How to find out the required power of the power supply?

In order to avoid such problems when working with a PC, you must initially take care of buying a powerful PSU, which is more than enough for work. How to do it? Some people calculate the approximate power on their own, but you can use some service that will calculate for you.

Take, for example, a service from the famous site ( In order to make calculations, you will need to enter some data:

  • CPU core type
  • Overclocking the processor (optional)
  • Number of processors
  • Cooler power
  • Number of optical and hard drives
  • Motherboard power
  • Number of memory slots
  • Graphics card model
  • Overclocking the video card (optional)
How to Test Computer Power Supply

After entering all this data, the system will show you the average and peak power, based on which you can see the approximate power of your future power supply.

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You can use another service, of which there are plenty of them on the network, moreover, they are mainly English-speaking. This does not play a special role, since the difference between the final data, if any, is very small.

By the way, when choosing a power supply, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer. Why? The fact is that, as independent experts assure, a huge number of companies producing power supplies slightly increase the real power of power supplies by 10-20%. As a rule, this does not affect operability, but you should not forget about this fact. Less well-known companies often increase real capacity by 30-50%, which, as you know, can really lead to breakdowns. over, PSUs from little-known companies are often famous for their mediocre quality, which in turn can lead to a quick failure of the power supply itself.

As for the manufacturing companies, it is recommended to give preference to such well-known companies as Zalman, Termaltake, CoolerMaster, PowerMan, Hiper. These are some of the leaders in the market that you should definitely trust, unless, of course, you come across a fake.

How to find out the power of the installed power supply?

No matter how strange it may sound, it is currently not possible to determine the power of a PSU using software methods. No program can do this. And this is in the 21st century.

But do not worry. You can still find out the power, only for this you will have to carry out several simple actions. Remove the sidewall from the system unit, find the installed PSU in it and carefully examine it. on one of its sides there will be a sticker, where the power of the PSU is indicated.

Everything? Not really. I mentioned a little higher that manufacturers often overestimate real power, so in fact it will most likely be slightly less than what is written on the sticker. On the other hand, if you originally took the PSU with a power reserve, then this should not cause any problems.

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