How To Teach A Puppy To Bowl

How To Teach A Puppy To Bowl

Any dog ​​needs to have at its disposal bowls for food and water. But how to teach a puppy to a bowl, if he is absolutely afraid to approach her, or just does not understand why she is? You will learn about this in this article.

We attract pet on the smell and taste

It is important to make it clear to the baby that there is food in the bowl. If he is afraid to approach her, you need to take the puppy in your hands and dip it into the bowl with milk, food or meat very lightly – he will instinctively lick the contents and also feel the smell that attracts him. If this does not help, try to sit down the puppy next to the bowl and in front of his eyes get some food from there, stretching it to the animal. After feeding such a small amount, you can again entice the puppy with food, but this time return the portion back to the bowl so that he sees it.

How To Teach A Puppy To Bowl

You should not first put food and drink in an ordinary human saucer, and then gradually replace it with dog bowls – you must immediately accustom the dog to the dishes from which it will always eat. In this case, do not let us in the process of teaching your pet what the dog should not be fed – chocolate, fatty foods, and so on. The dog should get used to eating from the bowl exactly what it will continue to eat in the future.

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As soon as the dog eats the food from the bowl for the first time or drinks it, it is important to praise it – the puppy must understand that he is doing the right thing and not taking someone else’s food.

Some dog owners share similar practices – they put a bowl of food in front of the dog and wait for a while, while verbally offering the dog to eat. If she does not come in contact, then the bowl is defiantly cleaned for several hours in order to awaken the animal’s appetite. Then the bowl is taken out again, while saying that it is time to eat. The fact is that with this method, the dog will feel that getting food may not always come out, so it’s best to eat while you have the opportunity. Then, over time, the bowl is left, and the dog is already getting used to what exactly you need to eat from there.

Why the dog may refuse to eat

It is worth remembering that even a puppy accustomed to a bowl can stop eating from it if he feels bad and loses his appetite. It may also be affected by a change of place of residence when the puppy is under a stressful situation – depression occurs in dogs quite often. And some dogs stop eating from the bowl, even if you just move it to another place from the usual. Therefore, it is worthwhile to pick up a convenient place for bowls so that they are always available for your four-legged friend.

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Also, refusal to eat or drink water from a bowl can be caused by its pollution, or by bad-smelling food and water. For example, if the bowls are in the kitchen and the room turned out to be very smoke-filled due to the lack of exhaust, then the water in the bowl may be filled with extraneous odors that will repel the dog.

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