How To Teach A Puppy Or Adult Dog To Muzzle

Practice shows that the actions of even the most educated and good-natured dogs can not be predicted, because the use of a muzzle remains a necessary measure for all owners. Argued that the muzzle is not needed puppies, and should be used only for adult dogs, but this is far from the case, because the puppy can scare the child or can catch his clothes with his teeth.

A muzzle is required when going to public places, as well as going to the vet. Seeing a muzzle on a dog in the park or on the street, none of the passers-by will complain about it to the owner, since they will be assured of their own safety. It is not necessary to refuse an accessory for the reason that it will not allow the dog to pick up food or dirty objects from the ground. How to teach a dog to a muzzle?

When you need to start dating with a muzzle

Do not think that the sooner the pet to get acquainted with the muzzle, the better, because in fact it is very important that the dog’s age is such that it can realize that the owner requires it. It is best to acquaint the dog with a muzzle at the age of five months. Serious training is worth carrying out a puppy at the age of not less than 6-7 months, when the animal already has some professional skills and can withstand the wearing of a muzzle on the street or in a veterinary clinic.

How To Teach A Puppy Or Adult Dog To Muzzle

The exceptions are those dogs who were taken from a shelter at the age of 5-6 months, since they do not have such a level of discipline as their pet, therefore the approach to training should be completely different. Much depends on the obedience of the dog, its learnability, and also on how aggressive it is. A guarantee of successful training is the development of conditioned reflexes in the dog, the muzzle should be associated exclusively with pleasant events, there should be no aggression or irritation when the dog is met with a muzzle.

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How does the acquaintance with the muzzle of a puppy and an adult dog

Acquaintance with the muzzle must begin in this way – before putting it on the animal, it is necessary that the dog sniffs it properly and realizes that it does not pose any danger to it. In this case, in any case should not allow the dog to bite or chew. To the dog put on a muzzle, you should use a long-proven method – you need to put some kind of treat in it and wait until the pet can stand it and climb to get it with a snout.

Of course, the animal can cheat and try to get it on the side, but it must be stopped in every possible way. If, barely getting the treat, the dog immediately stuck its muzzle out of its muzzle, it is not scary, this is the first acquaintance, and therefore it is impossible to force the animal to sit in it for a long time or immediately fasten it.

Teach the dog to the muzzle – stages

After the dog has met the muzzle, it is necessary to do everything possible to prolong its stay in it. So, you can try to feed a dog with a delicacy through a muzzle so that it gets used to it. If at first the treat should be given immediately, then you can wait 5 or more minutes before feeding your pet. It is very important to praise the dog when he, eating a treat, still remains muzzled. You should not fasten the muzzle at this stage, let the dog feel free, but as soon as he gets used to his new ammunition and can sit in it for more than 10 seconds, it will be possible to fasten it. For the fact that the dog quietly goes in a muzzle, it should be surely encouraged by praise or dainty.

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How To Teach A Puppy Or Adult Dog To Muzzle

How To Teach A Puppy Or Adult Dog To Muzzle

The reasons for failing to teach a dog to a muzzle

The first reason is that accessory incorrectly matched. The muzzle should fit the dog in size, and also take into account the shape of its muzzle so that when worn the pet does not have any unpleasant sensations. Check whether the muzzle fits the dog or not can be a simple way – in it he should easily open the mouth and sit. It should be checked that the muzzle does not press the pet and does not rub it. In the heat it is best to use such an accessory that resembles a wire basket. In such a muzzle, the dog will be able to open the mouth and stick out his tongue, which will allow him to control thermoregulation and not get a heat stroke. In winter, it is best to wear a muzzle of thick skin, as it is quite elastic and the dog will be very comfortable in it.

The second reason may be that the owner Wearing an accessory wrong on your pet. The animal must understand that nothing unpleasant happens to it, that putting on a muzzle is a common occurrence. Therefore, the owner should not reveal any irritation or impatience when wearing a muzzle, should not scold the dog or show aggression towards him.

How To Teach A Puppy Or Adult Dog To Muzzle

The third reason may lie in the fact that the muzzle was first worn before going to the vet when the dog was vaccinated or before any other unpleasant event. The owner of the pet should be aware that the conditioned reflex of the dog should be associated exclusively with pleasant sensations, because wearing the muzzle for the first time should have a good time with the dog.

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Nuances of training for the muzzle of an adult dog

It is much easier to accustom an adult dog to a muzzle than a puppy, since it is already accustomed to the command “near”, so if it suddenly begins to pull off an accessory, it’s enough to say this command and it will understand that you should not be distracted by any stimulus and you must follow the owner.

If the dog begins to protest, trying to remove the muzzle, with a leash it is necessary to let it know who is the master, in order to subordinate to her will. Plus, training an adult dog for an accessory is also in the fact that it already understands its owner, so if it sees that it is upset or angry with it because it has muzzled, it will not allow it anymore.

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