How To Teach A Dog To The Place

How To Teach A Dog To The Place

In everyday life, sometimes you have to give your pet the command "Place!" So that he calms down and goes to his couch. Usually it is served when the pet behaves badly, interferes, sticks. Pre-recommended to study the command "Lie!".

Begin schooling by arranging the sleeper of the animal, which should be comfortable, soft and surrounded by toys. For a bed, a quiet, draft-proof corner is retracted. The baby is introduced to his personal lounger, allowed to sniff, try for a tooth.

Stages of teaching the dog to the place

When the pet gets used to the bed, enter the command word. They say “Place!” And lure the pet to the lounger using goodies and encouraging words. Then gently lay it on the litter and stroke. But do not forcibly try to put a pet, it is important to achieve an understanding of the puppy, where is the bed. When repeating the stage, the baby gradually associates being on the mat with positive emotions.

This step is repeated 5-7 times over several days. Treats put on the litter. The dog, once on the litter, necessarily receives a tasty reward.

Further training of the puppy to the place comes down to securing the command “Location!” And increasing the distance from the litter. While the pet is playing, a treat is put on the litter. Then the animal is commanded and called to the litter, calling it by name and patting the bed on the bed. In one approach, the exercise is performed up to 5 times. During the day, you can do 3-4 approaches. It is important to praise the animal, to treat for the correct behavior.

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With an adult dog, the stage is worked out a little differently. The dog is held by the collar, put a treat on the litter and, making sure that the pet sees the treat, take it to 1-1.5 meters. Then they say “Place!” And release the animal. When a dog takes a treat, it is praised. The stage is repeated 5 times, gradually increasing the distance to the litter up to 7-10 meters. After working out the exercise, you can proceed to the next stage of training an adult dog to the place. When a pet takes a treat from the bedding, during praise the host comes up and gives the command “Lie down!”. For the correct behavior should be a reward.

In the future, reduce the number of treats. The owner pretends to leave a treat on the litter, then takes the dog by the collar, 1-2 meters away from the litter and says “Place!”. The dog will run up to the lounger, and while she sniffs out the food, she is encouraged to entertain her, commands “Lie down!” And immediately reward. The stage is repeated at least 5 times in one set.

At the next stage, you need to ensure that the pet on the team ran up to the bed and lay down on it without additional motivation. The dog runs up to the stove bench (usually looks around if he does not find delicacies), then lies down without instructions and only then receives a reward. Daily practice will allow to accustom a dog to a place.

On a note

The word is pronounced firmly, but not strictly. No need to turn the command "Place!" Into punishment. Sleeping dog should be associated with comfort and safety. If the pet is sent to the place, every time he is guilty, he will perceive the situation negatively, and he will not feel peace and comfort on his couch.

How To Teach A Dog To The Place

It is most effective to conduct classes when the pet is full or tired. Nothing will distract him, cause the desire to do something more interesting.

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If the puppy falls asleep in the wrong place or begins to fall asleep on the move from fatigue, it is carefully carried to the bed. But you can carry a puppy in your arms up to 4 months of age, grown-up puppies are taken away by the collar or on a leash. In this case, the puppy is taken to a sleeping place, the leash is unfastened, placed on a bed, repeat “Place!” And encouraged by stroking. Gradually reduce the frequency of rewards, rarely assign a puppy to the couch, ensuring that the pet left for its place by just one word.

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