How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

The owners should not be negative to the muzzle, because This is the same ammunition as the collar and leash. You just have to accustom the dog to the muzzle with a puppy. Schooling occurs in the same way as a collar and leash (about training for a collar / leash, read here >>). A muzzle should not cause bad associations in a dog. To do this, choose a comfortable muzzle and properly accustom the dog to it. I’ll tell you, how to teach a dog to a muzzle, so that she takes him for granted and even loves him.

Why you might need a muzzle:

– to visit a doctor;
– so that the dog does not pick up any nastiness / poison on the street;
– for aggressive dogs, in the process of behavior correction >>;
– for public transport >>.

Muzzle selection, recommendations:

  • The muzzle should not be tight and hot.
  • It should be light and free so that the dog can open its mouth and stick out the tongue.
  • I do not recommend iron, plastic, canvas and solid muzzles:

– iron muzzles are not suitable for cold weather and are not very pleasant to the dog;

– plastics break well and are also not very pleasant to the dog, although they are convenient for dog training;

– canvas can rub the dog, and for training they are comfortable;

– solid very hot and dense, not very pleasant dog, not suitable for dog training.

  • I recommend a muzzle of shreds of skin (lattice). They are lightweight, ventilated, comfortable for learning, pleasant to the dog.
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How to teach a dog to muzzle

The dog must have a pleasant association with the muzzle. A muzzle, like a collar leash, should be a precursor of a walk, food, games, petting.

one. Food:

  • Give the dog a sniff muzzle (let’s not play with it and nibble it);
  • Put a treat in the muzzle and let the dog eat it out of it so that it puts a muzzle in the muzzle;
  • When the dog realized that putting the muzzle in a muzzle = eat sweets, fasten a muzzle on it, give a treat and remove it;
  • Put a muzzle on the dog, fasten it, feed it with a treat through it, when it does not try to remove the muzzle;
  • Gradually increase the pause between dressings, encourage delicacy for a long stay in the muzzle.

2 stroll:

  • After working with a treat, start wearing a muzzle every time before walking;
  • Come out of it from the entrance and immediately take off;
  • Do not let the dog remove the muzzle itself! Switch her attention to the fast movement with you ("Go-go! Rather!");
  • Gradually increase the time the dog is muzzled;
  • Do not forget to praise and encourage delicacy, when the dog does not remove the muzzle!

3 Weasel. If your dog loves affection, put on a muzzle and start stroking it where it likes best. Then remove the muzzle and stop caressing the dog.

four. Switching attention to execute the command. If your dog has any team brought to the skill (automation). Begin to execute this command in a muzzle. Stop attempts to remove the muzzle by the executable command. Do not forget to encourage delicacy and praise.

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  • Do not remove the muzzle at the moment when the dog tries to remove it. switch her attention to the game, affection, team.
  • Remove the muzzle only at the moment when the dog is calm or passionate about something.
  • Do not put a muzzle on the dog in front of unpleasant procedures for her, until she is accustomed to him, otherwise she will form negative associations.

If you teach the muzzle itself does not work, and he still does not cause the dog joy. contact the family dog ​​rearing school "Gilda" for advice.

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