How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

Muzzle – which dogs do not need this accessory, but which one is needed? It is believed that only frightening dogs should wear muzzles: for example, a bull terrier or a rottweiler. But Jack Russell or Chihuahua this thing to anything. Is it really? Yes and no. Of course, the crumbs will not need a bulky muzzle with spikes, which is suitable for large dogs. But miniature creatures need it.

Big dogs accessory is necessary in order to transport them in public transport or move to crowded places. The product will protect others from bites and just calm them down. Agree, facing nose to nose with a giant mastiff, it’s nice to find out that he is muzzled, not without him … Another goal of the muzzle is to prevent the possibility that the dog is eating something without your knowledge. That is why the owners of small pets get this accessory.

Even if your four-legged friend sits on a chain, does not leave the courtyard, or is constantly in your hands, a case may arise when a muzzle is needed. This may be a trip abroad, and suddenly visiting guests, fleeing with squeals from your innocent boxer. That is why the question "how to teach a dog to a muzzle" is as early as possible.

How to muzzle a dog?

Your dog has a jawbone? It’s time to put on a muzzle. This usually happens at the age of six months. The first muzzle should be quite soft and comfortable – give preference to nylon models. So: how to properly muzzle? To get used to the new accessory smoothly, proceed according to a proven and reliable scheme:

  • Let the little dog get acquainted with an unfamiliar thing. Let him sniff it well. But make it clear that this is not a toy. Nibbling or trying to snatch a muzzle from you is strictly prohibited;
  • Take a treat from which the puppy is crazy. Put it in a muzzle and make it so that he wants to put his little face in it. If he takes the treat and immediately pulls the muzzle out of the muzzle, do not hinder it. But make it clear that you can get tasty only if the muzzle is muzzled;
  • Soon you will notice that the dog is holding the muzzle in a muzzle. Why? She is waiting for you to give her a treat again. Do not miss the moment – praise your pet and, of course, feed it tasty again;
  • When the animal stops pulling out the face in 2-3 seconds, fasten the product. Then give the cracker or dried fruit, and then unbutton the accessory. Gradually increase the time spent in it. Do not forget that you have a puppy in front of you – you need to praise and pamper him when he correctly does what you demand from him;
  • This step is the most important – the final one. Feel free to go with a four-legged friend for a walk, wearing it in a product. Your main task is to distract the dog from the muzzle in every possible way, which can interfere with it in the beginning. Therefore, the best place to walk will be populous alley, where other pets also roam.
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Now you know how to muzzle a dog without making training a stress. It is important that the dog trust you, and you strongly support this trust.

Features of schooling

How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

So that the animal does not fear accessory like fire, follow simple rules. It should not be associated with something unpleasant, but on the contrary – tell the dog that you will soon go for a walk. If you need to put on a muzzle before an unpleasant procedure (going to the vet), do it in advance. To teach a puppy to a muzzle to be effective, never give a treat after you remove the ammunition. Also, you can not play with doggie for the next 15 minutes.

Dog habituation to the muzzle is hampered by the fact that many owners are in a hurry to take it off on the first “demand” of the pet. If you see that the dog is trying to remove the accessory, in any case, do not fall for these tricks. If the action takes place on a walk, distract the animal, but do not scold for disobedience. Remove the product only when it forgets about it. This will help teach a puppy to a muzzle and not to pamper him.

How to teach an adult dog to walk in a muzzle?

You got a dog aged or simply did not ask at one time the question of how to teach a dog to a muzzle. And now you are going to the trip or to the vet – in any case, wearing ammunition is necessary. Only an animal with this categorically does not agree. How to be in this case? Effective advice will come to the rescue. Save the muzzle for better times. To get started, take a regular rope.

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How to teach an adult dog to muzzle using ordinary twine or even lace? Make a loop from the improvised tool, but do not tie the knot tightly. You approach the pet from behind, but in no case sneak up. It is important not to scare the dog. Put the loop on the face, tighten it under the lower jaw. The ends must be tied behind the ears. The dog will not be frightened by massive ammunition, while his jaw will be fixed. Pat it and treat it with delicacies. Each time, increase the time spent in improvised ammunition. When the dog adapts, gradually go to the muzzle. Proceed in the same way as puppies.

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