How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

The welcome pet finally appeared in the house. So much trouble, worries, thoughts … And there are as many questions about caring for a dog. And one of them – how to teach a dog to a muzzle, because if it is wrong to do, then the pet will dodge, and perhaps behave aggressively when trying to put such a strange object on him.

How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

Let’s face it: a walk without this thing is a great danger, first of all, for people around, and for the owner too. Therefore, this ammunition is required for all pet owners. To teach a dog to muzzle is the first task for a dog owner. And sometimes quite complicated.

Why do I need this accessory?

  • Even a small dog can bite without a muzzle, tear the clothes or rush at the child, scaring him.
  • The most educated pet is able to behave unpredictably, so a small and, especially, an adult dog should be taught to wear this accessory.
  • Several times a year, the dog gets to the veterinarian for examination, so there is also no ammunition here.
  • Walking or being in some public places requires this accessory worn by a pet.
  • It happens that the dog will bark and run in the direction of a passer-by. In this case, the person on whom the barking dog rushes will defend. Naturally, the pet may suffer from the actions of a frightened passer. Imagine if the child was the “target” of the dog. At best, the child will get rid of fright. At worst, it’s hard to imagine. Therefore, the question of how to accustom an adult dog to a muzzle should be studied when the pet is at an early age.
  • Why do you need to teach a puppy to ammunition? In youth, and in adulthood, a pet can pick up various objects and food from the ground, which is unacceptable. The necessary accessory will not leave a chance to carry out such actions, and the pet will be healthy, although slightly upset.
    How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

    The optimal age for accustoming to the ammunition

    Some experts believe that training a puppy for ammunition should take place in the first months after birth. In their opinion, the adaptation process will be much more successful and will not cause rejection in a pet. Although it is unlikely that a puppy under the age of 2-3 months will understand what they want from it. There are enough videos on the Internet to understand the principle of training a growing dog.

    How to teach a puppy to a muzzle, and at what age should it start to do? The optimal age is 5 months. If the puppy is sent to the general course of training, which includes training for ammunition, then the optimal age is 6-7 months.

    If a pet “not accustomed to this thing” “came to the house”, it is quite possible to accustom the dog to a muzzle, but this may require several large time expenditures and patience. If the question arises how to teach an adult dog to the much-needed muzzle, you can watch a lot of videos with experienced trainers.

    The process of schooling

    How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

    To teach a puppy or an adult dog to the necessary ammunition can, if you follow some rules. First you need to learn that this accessory should be associated with a pet with good and pleasant events. Therefore, at the time of study should stock up on treats.

    The first stage is acquaintance. The owner needs to give the pet a sniff and explore a new thing. You can not allow to play with her, much less nibble or chew her. It is possible to accustom a puppy to a muzzle if you put a treat in ammunition in such a way that a kid or an adult dog can get a treat only by sticking a muzzle in an accessory. The owner must stop any attempt to get a pet delicacy in addition to this method. To teach a puppy to ammunition – means to teach him to perform the tasks. At this stage, you should not try to fasten and extend the time spent in the ammunition.

    In the second stage, you need to teach the dog to muzzle a little longer than it was on the first stage. It should continue to treat the dog while he is in ammunition. To accustom an adult dog to a muzzle is also possible. At this stage you need to give one piece of treats from the accessory, and then through ammunition from the outside. If you stick to this point, the pet will be in ammunition and happily treated. Somewhat later, treat a delicacy to an adult dog or the younger generation, only after the accessory is worn. Gradually, it is necessary to increase the time between putting on ammunition and refreshments.

    At the third stage, it is necessary to show the baby that the necessary ammunition is associated not only with a tasty treat, but also with entertainment. When the growing representative of the dog world is ready to wear an accessory for a short time, you should accustom the dog to an aged muzzle or a puppy to the fact that he will go out into the yard "dressed." At first, the muzzle should be removed as soon as the dog enters the yard. Then the intervals need to be increased. Schooling in the third stage should be successful, and then the result will not take long.

    How To Teach A Dog To Muzzle

    The fourth stage – consolidation. That is, to teach a pet to walk with a muzzle for a long time. If the dog is trying to "get rid" of the toy, then it must be distracted by playing, jogging, or the "near" command. To teach a puppy is to show him that the accessory does not represent any inconvenience or danger. If the representative of the dog world is actively trying to remove the ammunition and at the same time receives the command "next", he should understand that in this case he should ignore any irritant, be it a cat, a stranger, or a muzzle. To better learn how the learning process, you can watch the video, which will be explained all the nuances.

    Typical mistakes in learning

    You decided to teach a puppy to a muzzle, but you do not know how to do it correctly. Yes, you can watch several videos, read special literature, do everything exactly as it is written and shown. But still some dog breeders make some mistakes in an attempt to teach a baby to be in ammunition. So, here they are – typical flaws.

  • The transition to the next stage of training should take place when the training at the previous stage is completed without a hitch and is absolutely correct.
  • An adult dog, and a baby too, should not be disturbed and tried to take off the accessory when the pet is already engaged in this process.
  • To accustom a puppy to ammunition is to associate this process with something pleasant. It is strongly not recommended to wear a muzzle before unpleasant procedures, otherwise the dog will associate the ammunition with something bad.
  • It is not recommended to use an inconvenient model or a model that does not fit.
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Watch the video and you will understand how quickly and without consequences without others to accustom your beloved dog to the necessary, but sometimes undesirable, muzzle.

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