How To Take Delivery Of The Dog At Home Walkthrough

The birth of puppies is a joyful and responsible event on which the health of the dog and its posterity depends. That is why it is important to prepare in advance for childbirth and be able to recognize their beginning. If you play the role of an obstetrician, the knowledge gained will help you keep calm, the dog will be safely resolved, and the puppies will be born strong and healthy.

Preparing for childbirth

Pregnancy in dogs lasts about 59-63 days. If the owner knows what day the mating took place, it is easy for him to calculate the expected date of birth. Start preparing for the birth of puppies should be 2-3 weeks before the expected time. If you plan to seek help from a veterinarian, do it now. It is worth stocking up with a doctor’s number in any case, even if you decide to take delivery yourself. It will be useful to you if something goes wrong.

We equip the place of the dog for childbirth

Approximately 1-1.5 weeks before the intended delivery, it is necessary to arrange a place where the bitch will whelp. Having done this in advance, you will allow your darling to get used to the place that is new for her and will not be mistaken if the birth begins early.

How To Take Delivery Of The Dog At Home Walkthrough

The first thing to do before giving birth to a dog is to equip a place for giving birth.

To equip the "nest" for childbirth, it is enough to take the old box, suitable in size or collapsible playpen. The main condition is that the dog can freely accommodate in an improvised dwelling. Old books or magazines should be laid between the bottom of the box and the floor to protect the animal from the cold and drafts. One of the walls of the playpen should be reduced so that the pet has the opportunity to leave the nest, but the puppies do not.

Important! Since childbirth is a “dirty” process, it is advisable to take them not in the arena, but on a sofa covered with oilcloth. It is recommended to take out all the carpets from the room in advance, and bring them back after the puppies are born.

What medications are needed and what equipment

Before starting to perform the duties of an obstetrician, it is necessary to shorten the nails, wash hands with soap and sanitize them.

Prepare everything before birth.

When the dog begins to give birth, a standard obstetric kit should be at hand, including:

  • Sheet and oilcloth;
  • Heating pad;
  • Box for newborn puppies;
  • Two thermometers (room and medical);
  • Sterile pipettes, tweezers, scissors, syringes;
  • Basin for dirty diapers;
  • Tray;
  • Vatu;
  • Sterile gauze napkins;
  • Silk threads (put in vodka or alcohol);
  • Soft diapers;
  • Clock;
  • Notebook with pen;
  • Small scales;
  • Multicolored woolen threads (to tag puppies).

You should also prepare medicines:

  • Zelenka;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Vodka or medical alcohol;
  • Glucose 5% in ampoules;
  • Traumel.

Signs of the beginning of labor in a dog

The birth of puppies is a process consisting of three stages: preparatory, when the birth canal is revealed, contractions, birth of puppies and exit of the placenta.

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Before giving birth, the behavior of the animal changes dramatically. The dog becomes restless, can not be long in one place. Some animals begin to hide in dark corners, others do not leave the master a single step. In addition to changes in behavior, external changes become noticeable: the abdomen is lowered visas, pits appear on the sides. The heartbeat becomes rapid, the pet often breathes and trembles. One of the key "symptoms" of the upcoming delivery is a decrease in the body temperature of the animal by one or two degrees.

Usually the preparatory period lasts for 2-3 hours or days. After this begins a period of intense contractions, when the uterus, the muscles of the abdominal cavity begin to contract. If childbirth occurs in a confined space, the animal presses its back against one wall, and with its paws rests against another, which allows it to more easily endure contractions. After each attempt the bitch relaxes, and her breathing becomes heavy.

How to take delivery

If the bitch gives birth for the first time, she may become confused and take no action against the newborn. In this case, you should use the algorithm of reception of childbirth, suitable for all dogs without exception. If the puppy, born on the light, lies next to the mother for 4-6 seconds, you need:

  • Take a puppy and bring to the face of a bitch.
  • If there is no reaction, open the bladder on your own, remove mucus from the mouth, and check if the tongue has not sunk.
  • Raise the umbilical cord, tie it up 2 centimeters from the puppy’s abdomen, trim.
  • Grind the baby, make sure that there is breathing, attach the puppy to the mother’s nipple.
  • At the beginning of new attempts to shift the puppy in a box with a heating pad, standing in front of the female.
How To Take Delivery Of The Dog At Home Walkthrough

Representatives of small breeds such as pincher, chihuahua and others cannot give birth on their own, they need help.

Small breed dogs (those that weighed less than 4 kg before birth) usually give birth to themselves, without help. All that is required of the owner is to take puppies, cut the umbilical cords. It is necessary to give help to the beloved if the puppy is born for a very long time (for example, due to the tiredness of the animal). A slightly different picture is observed in representatives of the smallest breeds. (Yorkshire terriers, chihuahuas, dwarf pinschers, Jack Russell terriers). Most of these animals (especially primiparous) can not independently push the puppies out of the birth canal. To help an animal, it is necessary:

  • With the next attempt, accompanied by the appearance of the fetal bladder, fix the baby in the birth canal. To do this, you can clamp the area around the loop or hold the puppy’s head in a bubble. If the puppy is born feet first, hold it over the area above the hips. Pulling the newborn by the paws is contraindicated.
  • During the second attempt it is possible to help the parturient by gently pulling the puppy to him and fixing him in one position. Usually, after the head and shoulders of the baby come out, the newborn slips out.
  • Pulling puppies, do it in the natural direction of the birth canal. Allowed accurate "loosening" of the baby from side to side, careful and smooth.
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See how the dogs give birth and how to take them at home, see in the video.

Dogs of large breeds produce fewer puppies than small individuals. Usually large animals, such as the German Shepherd, are allowed on their own, without assistance. If the dog cannot give birth for a long time, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

How to help the dog during childbirth

To protect the dog and puppies from possible complications, the owner of the animal must know how to help your pet during childbirth. Help may be needed if the dog did not free the puppy from the shell – the bubble in which he was born. In this case it is necessary to immediately break the shell so that the baby can breathe. If the bubble is broken, but the puppy does not breathe or move, it is necessary to clean his mouth and nose, removing the liquid from there.

The same goes for the umbilical cord. If the dog did not chew on her own, help her with this. (act as quickly as possible). Your task is to decant the blood in the umbilical cord towards the baby, squeeze it with your fingers at a distance of 2-3 centimeters from the puppy’s belly, make a second capture at the same distance and tear the umbilical cord. When blood appears, the umbilical cord should be tied with a pre-alcoholized silk thread.

Possible complications in a dog at birth

Possible complications of childbirth:

  • Weak generic activity. This condition means the exhaustion of the uterus, the weakening or cessation of contractions and attempts. In this case, the veterinarian decides on the use of a stimulant or a cesarean section.
  • Dead puppy If a puppy is shown during attempts, which does not show signs of life, it must be pulled out during the next series of attempts. Otherwise, the remaining babies will suffocate in the birth canal, retained by the dead puppy.
  • Stuck puppy. This complication occurs as a result of vaginal muscle spasms. To save the puppy, it is necessary to give the dog an injection of an antispasmodic and wait for complete relaxation of the muscles. If during the following attempts, the situation remains the same, you can help the bitch and insert a finger into the vagina (on the side of the puppy or under it).
  • Big puppy. If a large puppy is shown from the loop, but does not move outward, it is necessary to push the finger into the loop of the dog and during the next attempts gently push the baby towards him. You need to act on the so-called arc (on yourself, and then down).
  • Wrong walking puppy. When the puppy’s head is wrapped inside, it fits the neck of the dog’s pelvic opening. This provision prevents the puppy from exiting the vagina without problems and requires the assistance of a veterinarian.
  • Delayed placenta. If the afterbirth did not depart two to five hours after giving birth, give the bitch an injection of oxytocin (1 ml), put the animal in a bath on its hind legs, turn on the shower and send a stream of warm water to the belly. The following manipulations accompany light massage of the abdomen (movement from top to bottom).
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Dog diseases after childbirth

After allowing the dog to suffer:

  • Necrosis of the placental part of the uterine wall;
  • Postpartum hemorrhage;
  • Mastitis;
  • Postpartum septicemia;
  • Postpartum eclampsia;
  • Atony of the uterus;
  • Postpartum titania;
  • Acute metritis;
  • Postpartum hysteria;
  • Inversion of the stomach (inversion of the intestines in a dog).

Important! After childbirth, you must carefully monitor the condition of the bitch and immediately contact the veterinarian if any suspicious symptoms appear.

Caring for a dog and puppies after childbirth

Childbirth takes away a lot of strength from an animal, therefore, after the successful resolution of her pet, it is necessary to ensure her rest. The dog must be kept in a warm dry place under the supervision of the owner. It is important to protect the dog from strangers, since the presence of a stranger in the apartment can be regarded by the newly-made mother as an encroachment on the puppies.


During the first 14 days after bleeding, the bitch has mucous secretions mixed with blood, which gradually become colorless. The presence of a dog of dark green or abundant bloody discharge is a reason for contacting a veterinarian. The former may be caused by an inflammatory process in the abdominal cavity, and the latter by uterine bleeding.

How To Take Delivery Of The Dog At Home Walkthrough

The childbirth of a dog takes a lot of energy, so after childbirth it needs rest.

Feeding newborn puppies

Despite the fact that puppies are born deaf and blind, they are able to find the mother’s breast from the first days of life. During feeding, babies massage the bitch’s belly, starting from the floor with its hind legs. So they stimulate the nipples, which contributes to the production of milk. It is extremely important that newborn puppies feed on colostrum, because It contains nutrients and globulins of proteins that protect the body from infectious diseases.

Thus, to take birth in a dog at home is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to thoroughly prepare for this process and keep on hand the number of the veterinarian who is ready to help at the right moment.

And in the end, watch another video with recommendations and tips.

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