How to Take a Screenshot on Iphone X R

Good day. This article will be useful to those who just bought a new phone. On the Android operating system, Android and iOS take screenshots in different ways. Let’s figure out how to take a screenshot of the screen and what it is for.

Why might you need to make a screen?

  1. You need to write down the phone number or any information from the site / video or when viewing a dynamic advertisement.
  2. You need to save a map (route) to a building.
  3. You receive threats through messengers / social. network or similar other information that the sender itself can delete.

For these and many other cases, you may need this phone feature.

How to take a screenshot from the phone screen to android?

There are a huge number of phones on the Android operating system. Typically, a screenshot is taken with a simple key combination: volume down button, lock button. We will call this the main way. These two keys should be pressed simultaneously for 1-2 seconds.

How to Take a Screenshot on Iphone X R

We take a screenshot on the android phone

You will hear the shutter sound and you’ll see the phone screen blink. This means that the screen (photo of the screen from the phone) was automatically saved to the phone. It will be located in the gallery in the specially created (automatically) folder “Screenshots” or “Screenshots”. In different versions of the android system, folders have different names, but the meaning remains the same.

Video: How to Take a Screenshot on Iphone X R

How to take a screenshot from the phone screen on the iPhone?

If you recently purchased a brand new IPhone, and before that you used only Android phones, you probably have a reasonable question: How to make a screen screen? Yes, on the iOS operating system, taking a picture with the volume down buttons will not lock the screen. However, you can take a screenshot of the screen using the phone’s lock buttons, the Home button is pressed simultaneously.

Take a screenshot on Iphone

Owners of first-generation iPhones up to 8 iPhones can use this method. But the owners of the iPhone X, S, S max, R can use a different key combination: increase the volume of the sound, lock the screen.

Take a screenshot on the iPhone X

Using a combination of these keys will allow you to take a screenshot of the screen. After the screenshot is taken, the photo will wait for further action in the gallery with the rest of the photos.


Today we looked at how to make the screen screen the most simple and frequently used keyboard shortcuts for Android and for iOS. In the following articles, we will learn about other, less popular ways and special features of the screen shot of such phones as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.