How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy A5

How to insert a SIM card in Samsung A5?

Fresh smartphones are getting bigger and their components smaller. Now nano-type SIM cards are used. If you have a new large SIM card released after 2011, you can trim it with a special device. Old cards are better to reissue because they stop working after cropping.

To install the SIM card in the phone, we will use the complete pin to extend the SIM card slot and flash drive. Next, insert the card and stuff it back into the phone. The compartment on the left side is for card number 1. The upper compartment is for card number 2. For clarity, I suggest watching the video:

How to take a screenshot on Samsung A5?

You can get a screen on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 by clamping the power button on the right side and the bottom button on the left side. After about three seconds, you will hear a sound similar to the shutter release of the camera. A signal means that the screen is photographed. What happened can be found in the gallery.

How to restart Samsung A5?

Fixed battery gives a lot of inconvenience to the owners of such devices. My smartphone has not yet hung (pah three times), but they say that in this case such a procedure will help. At the same time, hold down the “on / off” button and both volume buttons “” “-”. Do not let go for a few seconds. If successful, the phone should reboot. If this does not happen, try again, holding the buttons for a longer time.

How to turn on T9 on Samsung A5 2017?

To start a predictive typing system, go to "General Settings". "Language and Input". "On-Screen Keyboard". "Samsung Keyboard". There, in the “Intelligent Dialing” section, the T9 mode is hidden.

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy A5

How to connect Samsung A5 to a computer via USB?

How to set a melody on Samsung A5 2017?

To set the ringtone, go to the settings tab and from there to the item “Sounds and vibration”. We choose where you want to put a melody or sound. a notification or SMS on the call. A tab with music opens, where we select the desired track. If you need a melody for a specific contact, then click "Phone". "Contacts". From the list we find the desired subscriber. Go to “Information”. “Change”. “”. At the very end of the list with parameters there is an item “Ringtone”. Click "Allow access to media" (if not already allowed) and at the very bottom, in addition to the standard melodies, the "Add from phone" button will appear. Next, select your favorite track and you’re done. So that the melody is located in the general list, using any file manager we place it in the sdcard / Notifications folder.

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How to open the back cover of Samsung Galaxy A5 2017?

Such a question may arise if it was necessary to replace the battery or display. For opening, you need a thin spatula or something similar to it. Just watch the beginning of this video:

How to unlock Samsung A5 if you forgot your password?

According to the official website of Samsung, there are two effective ways for the A5:

Find My Mobile is a service for removing a graphic key, pin code, password or fingerprint. Need internet.

Reset data. to delete the pattern, PIN, password or fingerprint. The device memory will also be cleared.

To be honest, I did not check these methods. I recommend reading this article.

In extreme cases, use hard reset, which is described below.

How to reset Samsung A5 to factory settings?

To reset all settings to factory defaults, do the following:

  1. A fully charged machine must be turned off.
  2. Hold down three buttons at the same time: “Volume”, “Home”, “Power on”
  3. When the logo appears, release all the buttons.
  4. After 5-10 seconds, you will enter the “Recovery menu” and the robot logo will appear. Hold "Power" and simultaneously "Volume". Release both buttons.
  5. We go to the item "Wipe data / factory reset". The cursor moves with "Volume", you need to confirm with "Turn on".
  6. Select “Yes. delete all user data” when prompted, and then click “Enable” once to reboot.

In case of misunderstanding, watch the video on resetting the Galaxy A5 2017:

How to record a conversation on the Samsung A5?

If you do not consider the legal and legal aspects of recording a telephone conversation, to enable this feature, use third-party programs from the Play Market. For example, “Call Recording. Automatic Call Recorder”, “C Mobile”, “lovekara” “CallX. Recording Calls / Conversations”. I was helped by the first program that records automatically. Its only drawback is the abundance of various advertising.

How to connect Samsung A5 to the TV?

  1. Download the Screen Mirroring Assistant application from the playmarket (if it is not already installed), and after it starts, the TV will be searched. You need to select TV in the list of found and the image and sound from the phone will be broadcast on the screen.
  2. We buy an MHL adapter with an 11-pin connector for Samsung, which we connect to a smartphone in the charging slot. The other end with an HDMI output is connected to the TV.
  3. We buy a special Wi-Fi adapter that uses Miracast technology and connect it to the HDMI connector on the TV. The phone’s Wi-Fi transmitter will broadcast the signal to this adapter with Full-HD resolution and five-channel sound.
  4. If you use Samsung SmartTV, an easy solution is to use AllShare Cast technology. We activate the function in the “Settings”. “Advanced Settings” section, and then go to the TV menu and use the “smart TV” interface through the “DLNA” network to view the contents of the smartphone. For other televisions, we purchase AllShare Cast Dongle, and by means of a special icon on the phone we send the file to the large screen.

Notifications suddenly disappeared with always on display

Once, while studying the settings, I thoughtlessly poked different buttons. Not finding anything interesting, I threw this venture. But after some time an unpleasant situation was discovered. Notification icons for programs, such as whatsapp, gmail, sms and others, disappeared from the always on display screen. I climbed into the screen settings and did not find anything that could affect this. Remembering which wilds I climbed into earlier, I still found the answer. If you turn off the screen lock (in general), then the notification icons disappear and only the clock and date remain. Here is such a strange solution from Samsung.

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