How to Take a Screen on Xiaomi Redmi 4

How to Take a Screen on Xiaomi Redmi 4

Many beginners and not only mobile device users will sooner or later face the question: how to take a screenshot of the screen of a smartphone or tablet on Android? Or: how to photograph the screen of a smartphone / tablet? Etc. etc.

It is this post that should clearly answer the reader to questions of this type. First of all, it should be noted that the methods of “photographing” the screen on different versions of the Android operating system are different. Let’s start in order, namely, we will answer the question: How to take a screenshot on Android 2.3 and earlier?

The search giant Google, unfortunately, did not bother with such questions. So the function of “photographing” screens on devices with Android 2.3 and older, in short, is simply not implemented. It will be possible to get out of this situation only if the manufacturer of the device itself foresaw such functionality.

Simply put, go to Google or Yandex and in the search drive in “How to take a screenshot of the screen on.”. Instead of three points, write a model of your device. If you can’t find the right answer, try searching for the right software on Google Play.

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Take a screenshot on smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 and higher

The answer to this question will be the simplest and for the inexperienced user. the most unexpected. Just in this case, Google took into account the wishes of its users and implemented this function by simply pressing just two hardware buttons on a smartphone or tablet. Namely, to create a screenshot of the screen on Android 4.0 and higher, you will need to simultaneously press the power / lock button of the device and the volume down button.

Video: How to Take a Screen on Xiaomi Redmi 4

The duration of pressing should be only about a second of time. Then, after the characteristic visualization, your screen will be automatically saved in the Gallery or the “Screenshots” folder on the device or memory card. That’s all.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy family devices

In this case, the manufacturer (Samsung) themselves came up with their own combination of hardware keys, regardless of the operating system itself. Thus, in order to “take a picture” of the screen on Samsung Galaxy devices, the user will need to simultaneously press the “Home” keys and the power / lock button (“Power”). Or, at the same time, press the buttons “Back” and the button “Home” »Home». Here is such an exclusive from Samsung.

Take a screenshot of a smartphone or tablet with root rights

For those who do not know how to get root-rights on a smartphone / tablet, and the program requires it, we recommend that you look at this instruction.

How to create a screenshot of a device screen without root privileges

This option involves searching for Android software that will allow you to take a screenshot without getting root rights and unnecessary troubles. Although, there is one “BUT”. the list of such programs is not very large.

We can recommend the reader “No Root Screenshot it”. This tool involves installing software on a smartphone / tablet and PC. You can download the Android version of the program from here. The video instruction in English is on YouTube, in principle, everything is intuitive.

On this, our instructions for creating a screenshot on Android smartphones and tablets have been exhausted. It would be nice to read in the comments your ways to resolve this issue and answer the questions.

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