How to Sync Samsung Galaxy S8 With Computer

So what do we have? Touchscreen Samsung galaxy Y with support for 2 SIM cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3 MP camera, with Samsung TouchWiz, etc. The problem is to connect Samsung galaxy to the computer to exchange files: to transfer photos, music and video files via the supplied USB cable.

If you just take and "stupidly" If you connect your Samsung Galaxy to a computer, you will see an inscription informing you that no drivers were found. It is clear that such a situation does not suit us. So, to synchronize samsung galaxy with a computer, we will do the following:

1. Connect the USB cable to the computer to the phone. On the screen above / to the left we see the USB icon. Further. us to the hidden top menu.

Another way to connect. Through the menu "Settings". "hemorrhagic"but the output is the same:

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When you connect to your computer for the very first time, S6 may be mistakenly recognized by the operating system as a USB device. We do not need this, so we do the following:

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1. First of all, uncheck the settings "USB debugging".
2. Connect your Galaxy S6 to the computer (via the factory cable).
3. Allow "Use as data warehouse".

How to Sync Samsung Galaxy S8 With Computer

After the actions taken, the computer will see the phone as a regular USB flash drive. Now you can freely exchange information with your PC in both directions. See an example from Xiaomi on Android 6.0.1. How to connect it to a PC. Despite the growth of technology, the development of the intellectual abilities of devices, the principle always remains approximately the same. Logically, you can always come to the right consistent solution.