How To Switch Tracks On Redmi Airdots Iphone

Xiaomi Redmi CEO has repeatedly hinted that this fast-growing Chinese brand will have its own ecosystem. And we see that products with the Redmi logo come out one by one. This spring, regular Redmi AirDots wireless headphones appeared on the market. They aroused great interest among users who would like to have high-quality TWS “ears”, but are not ready to spend a significant amount of money on the purchase of Apple Airpods.

How To Switch Tracks On Redmi Airdots Iphone

Redmi AirDots is a truncated version of Mi AirDots, and their price tag is correspondingly lower. Redmi is very similar to Mi, but the main difference is the presence of a single physical button, there is no touch control. However, the button can perform several functions in addition to using it to turn the headphones on and off:

  • one click. music playback will be paused;
  • double tap. the voice assistant, XiaoAI, Google Assistant or Siri will be called.

You can also use this button to control incoming calls or the camera of your phone.

Of course, most often wireless headphones are purchased for listening to music. And here this Xiaomi model has a big flaw. You can use the button to stop playback, but switching tracks and rewinding are not available. Every time, few people want to get a smartphone for this.

Reprogramming a Button Using MacroDroid

First of all, download this application from Google Play and install it on your smartphone. The start screen of MacroDroid is somewhat reminiscent of the interface of the latest versions of Windows, we see six multi-colored tiles arranged in two rows. Each tile is a section with its own options.

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  • At the first launch of the application, you need to proceed to the creation of macros, so click on the “Add Macro” red tile. There are three sections in this menu. “Triggers”, “Actions” and “Constraints”.
  • We press “Triggers” and in this quality we select the item “Media button”. A window will appear in which you will be asked to select the type of click. Among the possible options, select “Long press”, which will correspond to a double click. The “Double-tap” option offered right there for some reason does not work.
  • Go to the “Actions” > Media > “Multimedia Management.” In the new window, in the menu “Media Control Type”, select the item “Emulate media button” and click “OK”. Again we have a window with a choice of options. Here we select “Next” (meaning track). To switch the headphones to the previous track, you will need to create a new macro by analogy with this. Again, click “OK” and in the next window we select the application with which MacroDroid will work. Note that the first item in the list (“Switch active application”) should be ignored, since this choice does not work.
  • Open the “Constraints” and go to the “Communication” menu. Then select “Bluetooth Status” > “The device is connected.” In the list that opens, mark Redmi AirDots_R. Then it will be offered to name the macro and save it.

Video: How To Switch Tracks On Redmi Airdots Iphone

How To Switch Tracks On Redmi Airdots Iphone

Using the DotDroid App

The DotDroid app is even simpler than MacroDroid. No macros need to be created here. At the first start, a window pops up asking for permission (there are only three of them). You must give these permissions so that you can use the program. Then it is proposed to choose your headphone model from the proposed options. Here we see that Redmi AirDots are not among them, but this is not a problem. Instead of Redmi, we choose the AirDots Youth model.

We get the headphones out of the case, they are connected to the smartphone. The application will automatically recognize them. We click on the picture with AirDots Youth and the battery charge information is displayed on the screen. Below is a section with information about touch control, but the options are not yet configured and not active. To configure them, tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the type of click, for example, “One-click” (or “Double-click”). We see a window with the proposed options. Here you can configure the transition to the next or previous song, rewind (15 seconds), fast forward (15 seconds), increase or decrease the sound volume, etc.

The difference between the action algorithm of this application and MacroDroid is that in “Macro” the programming of actions is performed by canceling the function of calling the voice assistant (double-click). In DotDroid, the voice assistant will function, so when you double-click the button, you need to pause it with a little pause.

In general, the management is as follows:

  • one click. play / pause;
  • quick double tap. voice assistant;
  • double tap with a slight pause. the next song.

It doesn’t matter which button on which of the headphones you press. On both headphones, it will work the same way.

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