How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Given the large number of different versions, assemblies and shells of Android, it is difficult to name a universal method that allows you to take a screenshot of the screen. If you do not find the desired combination of buttons on your phone, you can download applications that can take a screenshot.

Ways to create a screenshot

By default, to take a photo of the screen on Android, you need to hold down the power button and volume down key. This is the most common method that works for almost all manufacturers.

How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

But to make a screen on the Samsung Galaxy using this combination is unlikely to succeed: other combinations are used on phones and tablets from the South Korean company:

  • “Home” power key.
  • Home button back.

On the Samsung Galaxy, you can also take a picture of the screen by dragging a palm edge from one edge of the display to the other. To take screenshots using this gesture, you need to activate the corresponding function in the settings of Samsung Galaxy in the section Control. Palm control. Screenshot.

In custom firmware and shells from different manufacturers, you can make a screen screen from the shutdown menu. Hold the Power button until the window for turning off the mobile device appears. It will have an item with a name like “Take screenshot”, “Take a screenshot”, etc.

How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

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Screenshots are saved in a separate folder in the gallery. Through the file manager, they can be found in the Pictures / ScreenCapture or Pictures / Screenshots directory.

Screenshot apps

If you can’t take a screenshot on your Android phone or tablet, because it is not clear what combination you need to use to take a screenshot, install the application on the device that offers to take the image from the desktop. Downloading programs that allow you to take a screenshot on your smartphone is easy: go to the Play Market or Google Play and in the search bar write the request “Screenshots”. Such applications work on all devices the same way, be it a Samsung Galaxy Chinese phone. Restrictions can only be on the version of Android.

How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Video: How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

If you take a screenshot with the built-in tools, it will immediately be saved as a simple photo in the Android gallery, even if you have the latest Samsung Galaxy tricked out. In the search results, you will see a huge number of applications that allow you to not only take a picture of the screen on a tablet or phone, but also quickly edit the picture.

  • Trim the excess in the photo;
  • Blur the fragments of the image that you want to hide;
  • Add text
  • Paint with a brush, add lines, arrows and other objects.

You really realize the convenience of the editing function when you need to squeak at some point on the screen, and then select individual elements for another user in the photo.

How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

In addition, Android applications have settings that simplify the process of creating and sending a screen. In particular, in the application “Screenshot Easy” you can:

  • Choose a path for the photo to be stored in the memory on the phone or tablet;
  • Set the type of file name;
  • Specify the desired image format (PNG, JPG);
  • Turn on the date and time display, automatic rotation by the desired number of degrees, color switching, etc.

Using Adb Run

If you need to take screenshots of the Android screen and immediately transfer them to your computer, you can use the Adb Run program to complete this task. You will need:

  • A computer with Android drivers installed. Drivers from manufacturers are different. If you have a Samsung phone, look for Samsung software;
  • Smartphone with USB debugging enabled;
  • Cable for connecting a computer and a mobile device;
  • Adb Run program.

You can take screenshots through Adb Run in manual or automatic mode on any device (the method also works on Samsung Galaxy). Start with automatic mode, it’s easier:

  1. Connect the phone to the computer, run Adb Run.
  2. Go to the “Screenshot / Record” section. To do this, type “14” and press Enter.
    How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  3. Select “Take a Screenshot” by typing “1”.
    How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The program will capture the image that was on the smartphone screen, take a picture of it and save it on the computer desktop. The same actions are performed in manual mode:

  1. Go to the “Manual Command” section.
    How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  2. Select “Adb.”
    How to Squeak on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  3. Run the command “adb shell screencap.p /sdcard/screenshot.png”.
  4. To save the screenshot to your computer, execute “adb pull /sdcard/screenshot.png% USERPROFILE% Desktop”.

You can transfer screenshots from Android to a computer without Adb Run, sending them by e-mail, through various messengers or synchronizing with cloud storage.

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