How to Speed ​​Up the Internet on an Android Phone

How to speed up the Internet on Android is a question of interest to mobile data users. Sometimes phone owners are not happy with network speed. In this case, you need to use third-party programs. The speed of mobile internet also depends on the operator.

How to speed up the Internet on an Android phone

If the mobile data transfer speed does not suit the user, most likely the problem is due to incorrect smartphone settings. To change them, open the network settings and find the configuration of the mobile networks. Go to network mode and set up automatic connection to LTE, WCDMA, GSM. Now the device will begin to independently choose the fastest connection option among the available ones.

How to Speed ​​Up the Internet on an Android Phone

Sometimes the configuration is set correctly, but the problem remains. In this case, the reason depends on the operator.

Tele 2

To increase data transfer in Body 2, it is recommended to open your browser settings. Check which browser is installed by default. Change it if necessary. Open your internet settings and see if traffic reduction is enabled. This can be done in the network configuration. Slide the slider to the right to enable traffic reduction. Now, on each page loaded at the bottom of the browser, traffic compression in percent will be displayed.

Compression works with any browser, but in some it is built in by developers. Opera stands out especially for mobile devices.

You can increase the speed of the MTS Internet by cleaning your phone from useless information. To do this, go to the application configuration and clear the cache. Then find the browser you are using and delete the data. Remember that this will also erase saved passwords.

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It is recommended to clean the cache once a month, especially with frequent use of social networks and instant messengers. This will reduce traffic consumption and help applications load news feeds faster.


The decrease in Internet speed Megaphone may be caused by processes running in the background. The latter may consume the connected Internet. This reduces network speed and consumes user traffic. You can detect such programs in your smartphone’s settings. Go into applications, go to third-party ones and look at working programs. Delete processes that you don’t know the origin of. If the information indicates which application uses this process, force it to stop, but do not delete it.


Sometimes the phone is overloaded with processes and it is not always possible to close them. In such a situation, you must restart the smartphone. This will clear the RAM for work. And it is also recommended not to keep multiple tabs open at the same time. This method helps not only Beeline mobile networks, but also the rest.

How to speed up 3g and 4g internet

There are two ways to speed up mobile Internet. For the first, you need to install the program "Internet Speed ​​Wizard." The application works without superuser rights, but with the latter, the functionality is more powerful:

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  1. Install and run the utility.
  2. If you have root, go to the menu item of the same name and install the patch to speed up the Internet. Wait for the installation and read the notification.
  3. If there is no root, press the acceleration key outside the superuser menu. Wait for the process to complete.
  4. Check your internet speed.
  5. Negative changes can be undone by pressing the restore key.

How to Speed ​​Up the Internet on an Android Phone

An alternative method uses the settings of the smartphone. Go to the settings and go to mobile networks. Find the point to reduce traffic and enable it. Now loading pages and feeds on social networks will take less time. Keep in mind that when in incognito mode, traffic reduction does not work.

What are the programs to speed up the Internet on Android

Internet Speed ​​Master is a practical program for changing the speed of a network connection. The utility is free and is publicly available on the Play Market. Using the application, the user changes the system settings, accelerating the work of mobile data. One of the main advantages of the utility is working with phones on which superuser rights are not installed.

How to Speed ​​Up the Internet on an Android Phone

Viatun is a powerful program with a simple interface. Used to adjust EDGE, 3rd and 4th generation mobile networks, wireless home networks. The main objective of the application is to reduce traffic consumption by compressing downloaded data. It not only reduces traffic consumption and increases speed, but also hides information about the user: the data is transmitted over an encoded channel, so the owner of the phone cannot be tracked by IP. But to work, you must have root.

Internet Booster is a small utility that monitors temporary files. The program periodically cleans the smartphone’s cache, speeding up data transfer. To optimize the device, you must press the acceleration button and restart the phone.

Download Internet accelerator for Android in Russian

You can download applications to increase the speed of the Internet in the Play Market. Among the most popular programs are recommended:

  • Internet Speed ​​Up;
  • Internet Booster
  • Internet Speed ​​Master;
  • Viatun.

These applications have a simple interface and work without superuser privileges.

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