How to Speed ​​Up Laptop On Asus Windows 10

Does the speed of your sony, hp, samsung, asus, lenovo, toshiba or acer laptop with windows 10 installed wish you better?

Improving laptop performance on windows 10 is not difficult. You will need to make a number of changes to optimize, then it will work faster.

Although the manual below is designed from simple users to more advanced ones, this does not mean that someone will not be able to speed up the laptop and thereby increase its performance.

The first thing I propose to do is create system restore point. In windows 10, for some reason, this feature was disabled by default. Engage it yourself.

This will not only allow you to return the settings to their original place if something goes wrong, but also to protect yourself from many problems in the future.

Second. disable spyware modules. A dozen of “watching you”, but this acceleration of the laptop does not increase.

Increase laptop speed on windows 10. step one

Open device manager and check that they do not have yellow exclamation mark components, which indicates the absence of a driver.

To install the driver, it is best to visit the manufacturer’s website, especially for peripherals.

There is another way, it is even faster and easier. Who does not want to search for drivers on their own. look and do as described here.

NOTE: never rely on driver updates directly through the device manager. He is looking at the Microsoft database, but she is not particularly happy.

Improving laptop performance with windows 10. step two

To work freely, disable user account control. The so-called UAS really does interfere, and lowering the level of control does not necessarily mean danger.

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This is done like this: press the “Win ​​X” key combination, select the “control panel” and go to the “user accounts” section.

In it, click on the line: “change user account control settings” and change accordingly.

How to Speed ​​Up Laptop On Asus Windows 10

Video: How to Speed ​​Up Laptop On Asus Windows 10

Setting up a laptop with windows 10 for maximum performance. step three

You can improve performance by changing the power settings. High can stabilize some games.

To do this, click “Win ​​X” again, only now we select “power management” and set it to “high performance”.

Increasing laptop performance on windows 10. step four

To optimize the system, you can turn off indexing and defragmentation, which is enough to do once a year in manual mode.

Both of these functions are superfluous for the vast majority. Your actions: select the combination of buttons “Win ​​X” and click on “disk management”.

Then select the disk, click RMB on it and go to the “properties” tab and remove the bird from the index.

Next, go to the “service” tab, then to the “optimize” section, then click on the “change settings” option and remove the birds.

How to Speed ​​Up Laptop On Asus Windows 10

Increase laptop performance on windows 10. step five

The system constantly turns on and runs in the background a lot of completely unnecessary services.

They can be safely turned off, without any fear for the health of the computer.

Which can be disabled the list is compiled on this page, but you can create your own, leaving something, adding something.

Be sure to follow the link above. There, in addition to the list of processes that can be disabled, you will also find instructions on how to properly configure startup and disable special effects.

Improving laptop performance with windows 10. step six

If you have been using your PC for a long time (installing and uninstalling applications), then it’s time to clean the registry and garbage.

This will undoubtedly help you make your PDA faster and improve its performance.

When using it, pay attention to two options: cleaning and the registry. They should be of interest to you, although others will be nice to use.

All of them are designed to optimize the operating system. I’ll probably complete it.

There is another good procedure. in manual mode, delete some entries and add some.

Only the registry is delicate as an “east.” Therefore, I will skip this option in this note.

For him, in order to describe everything in detail, an entire article will be needed, and this one has already reached not a small size and not everyone will read it to the end.

Today we are all in a hurry so as not to let down our happiness, not noticing at all that it is always near us. take it and be happy.

No, we want more until we reach a very old age and only then we think about why we were not happy about life, but always in a hurry. Successes.

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