How to Sign Up for a Flyme Meizu M3 Note

The Chinese company Meizu is a manufacturer of the smartphone line M1 / ​​M2 Note, MX2 / MX3, MX4 / MX4 ​​Pro based on the Flyme operating system. It offers users of their devices to register on a company resource (similar to Android). It significantly extends the functionality of the operating system, allows free exchange of messages between the owners of Meizu. Officially provides root-rights (super-user), synchronizes data. Helps to find the phone in case of loss.

Registration in the company’s service is available both on a computer and directly in the device itself.

PC manual

1. Open the page in the browser.

2. Click on the “Register” link in the upper right corner. The registration form will open.

3. In “User ID”: enter the identifier of your device (you will need it for authorization on the service). It should consist of 4-32 characters. In the preparation of the name it is allowed to use lowercase Latin letters, numbers and the underscore “_”.

If the service “does not like” your ID, it will display the message “Account contains sensitive words” (. contains sensitive words) near the field. For example, the “MyDearAndroid” option is not suitable. In this case, you need to come up with something else. Excellent moderation are structures such as “tel2020”, “mytel12”, etc.

4. “Password”: create a password with a length of 8 to 16 characters from uppercase and lowercase letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers and special characters. In combination, all “representatives” of the kit should be used. For example, if the password does not contain a special character (tl23e12), the service will “reject” it. That’s right. “tl @ 23e12”.

5. “Confirm Password”: again manually enter the password you created. Meizu prohibits the use of the “CtrlC” / “CtrlV” copy function. When trying to enter in this way, it responds with the message “can not copy password”.

6. “Nickname”: enter your nickname, it will be displayed in your personal profile. The requirements for its character set are the same as for the ID.

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How to Sign Up for a Flyme Meizu M3 Note

Video: How to Sign Up for a Flyme Meizu M3 Note


7. “Email Address”: valid email address, required for verification. After moving the cursor to the field, a drop-down menu will appear. If you plan to use one of the services in the list, click on it. In the field you need to add only your name to it. In other cases, you will have to manually dial the full format. For example, @

8. “Email Verify Code”: verification. To complete this procedure, do the following:

How to Sign Up for a Flyme Meizu M3 Note

How to Sign Up for a Flyme Meizu M3 Note

  • pre-authorize in the specified e-mail;
  • again go to the registration page;
  • click in the “Verify Code” field on the “Get Code” option;
  • in the additional panel that opens, enter captcha (the code shown in the picture) and click “OK”;
  • go to the tab with an open mailbox; open the letter received from the site;
  • copy the code and paste it into the form.

How to Sign Up for a Flyme Meizu M3 Note

9. Click on the “Register” button.

If all the necessary information was entered correctly, the “My Account” profile panel for Flyme will open.

How to Sign Up for a Flyme Meizu M3 Note

In the Login Password line, you can change the password. You will need to enter the combination used to enter and 2 times a new one. And then click “Save”.

Registration on the phone

1. Open on your device: Settings → Accounts → Registration.

How to Sign Up for a Flyme Meizu M3 Note

2. In the form that opens, specify the name (login) and password.

Note. In the telephone version of registration, ID is not required.

3. In the “Mail Security” field, enter the address of your current mailbox.

4. Tap “Registration”.

Now in your Meizu device added user comfort. And he will delight you even more. All the best!

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