How to Shoot Video Properly on Iphone Se

How to Shoot Video Properly on Iphone Se

IOS 9 had a bug that allowed you to shoot on iPhone and iPad with the screen off. In iOS 10, the flaw was fixed by Apple developers, however, an alternative method of “hidden” shooting was still found, even two. How to shoot video on the iPhone and iPad with the screen off was described in this guide.

Important! Covert shooting without notice is prohibited by the Criminal Code. The information in this manual is for informational purposes only.

How to shoot video on the iPhone with the screen off. Method 1

In the case of the first method, we should make a reservation. This method with support for iOS 10 only makes it possible to hide the Camera application, and not completely block the device. However, the shooting process itself is not shown on the screen. In addition, this method works on both the iPhone and iPad.

Step 1. Launch the Camera app.

Step 2. Start shooting the video.

Step 3. Lower the curtain of the Notification Panel.

Done! Shooting will continue while the notification bar appears on the display. In this case, the iPhone or iPad will not automatically block after the time specified in the settings, so you do not have to constantly press the display. Also, from the Notification Panel, you can go to the widget screen (by swiping to the right) and even go to their control menu. Shooting due to these actions will not be interrupted, the sound will continue to be recorded.

How to shoot video on the iPhone with the screen off. Method 2

Video: How to Shoot Video Properly on Iphone Se

If you need to completely block during shooting, then there is a special solution for this. Unfortunately, this method does not work on the iPad.

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Step 1. Go to the menu “Settings“→”The main“→”Universal access“.

Step 2. Select “Increase»And activate the switch of the same name.

Step 3. Click on the button under the window with a larger image to open the settings window.

Step 4. Click “In full screen»And select the minimum magnification by moving the slider to the leftmost edge.

Step 5. In the window with the enlargement options, click “Select filter“And select”Faint light“.

Step 6. Go to the menu “Settings“→”The main“→”Universal access“→”Keyboard shortcut“And check the box”Increase“.

These settings allow you to lower the minimum screen brightness below the minimum by pressing the Home button three times.

Step 7. Lock the iPhone.

Step 8. On the locked screen, pull out the camera shutter a little more than half the screen.

Step 9. Select a shooting mode and video and start shooting.

Step 10. Slide the camera shutter almost to the very end (but do not push it fully) and press the Home button three times.

Done! If everything is done correctly, the lock screen will “freeze” in the position with the camera curtain not fully closed, and the brightness of the display will decrease. In this case, the iPhone can be blocked. the shooting will not stop. Unlocking the iPhone will interrupt the shooting.

How to shoot video on the iPhone with the screen off (method for iOS 9)

Step 1. Raise the shutter of the lock screen by half using the button responsible for starting the camera. Keep the curtain in this condition.

Step 2. Select a video shooting mode and press the record button.

Step 3. Without releasing the camera shutter three times with a frequency of 1-2 seconds, double-click the Home button.

Step 4. Continue to hold the shutter with your finger until the screen goes blank. Then the finger can be removed from the display.

Step 5. Continue to shoot video with the screen off.

When you want to finish shooting, just unlock your iPhone and stop recording in the Camera app.

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