How to Share Internet With Iphone 10

How to distribute the Internet from the phone, if friends really ask?

If you need the Internet at once on several devices, but only on one, you need to know how to do it.

How to Share Internet With Iphone 10

How does shared internet work on a smartphone?

Absolutely all users can use their smartphone as a remote access point to the Internet.

The main condition for distribution is the presence of a 2G, 3G or 4G Internet connection on the smartphone.

If you are a happy owner of a smartphone with the Internet and want to share access with others, you will be distributing your mobile Internet, even if you are currently connected to a free wi-fi network.

This traffic will cost as much as your regular mobile Internet. according to the tariffs of your mobile operator.

A smartphone that distributes the Internet can broadcast a signal to several devices at the same time. Limitations on the number of accesses to the access point depend on many factors, including the factory settings of an individual device.

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The more devices connected to one access point, the slower the speed of connection to the network.

Android instruction

If you are a user of a smartphone or tablet on Android, you can distribute the Internet as follows:

  • in the window that opens, find the wireless networks tab and open the full list of parameters by clicking on the “” item;
  • go to the device menu and then turn on the settings panel (Fig. 1);
  • Now click on the “Access Point” and “Settings” (Fig. 2);
  • in a new window, you need to configure the connection parameters. First, enter the network name. other devices will see this name when they try to connect to your device. Choose the level of protection. it determines the degree of security and the complexity of encrypting the password of the access point. The network can be left open. all users will be able to connect to the access point (if possible, do not use an open network, this may be unsafe for your device). Next, you need to come up with a password to access the connection (Fig. 3).
  • How to Share Internet With Iphone 10

Now your friends can connect to the created point access in your smartphone. from a PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone and any other device with a wi-fi module.

To connect, you need to find the just created network in the "WiFi Connection" section and enter the password.

To stop the general Internet mode, turn off the point in the smartphone’s wireless network settings.

Another way to distribute the Internet from Android is to turn on the USB modem mode. This method is suitable if you need to distribute the Internet from a smartphone or tablet for one device.

For this connect the device to a PC using a USB cable. In the modem settings on the smartphone, select the type of connection “USB-modem”.

Now go to the network connection window on your personal computer. A new component should appear in the list of available connections.

Right-click on it and select "Enable".

A more detailed description of the use of the phone as a modem is in our materials.

Instructions for iOS

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, follow the instructions:

  • go to the device settings;
  • select the cellular settings window (Fig. 6);
  • set the modem mode parameter to the On state (Fig. 6);
  • Now scroll down the settings page until the modem settings section appears (Fig. 7);
  • in the APN field, enter your operator, his name and access password (for example, for the MTS network, all three parameters will have the value “ mts "). You can find out the data from your operator;
  • after entering this data, a new modem mode item will appear in the settings window (Fig. 8). Open it.
  • How to Share Internet With Iphone 10
  • How to Share Internet With Iphone 10
  • How to Share Internet With Iphone 10

Now you can connect to the device from your PC or other smartphone.

Instructions for Windows Phone

To turn your Windows Phone device into a WiFi router, follow the instructions:

  • go to the phone settings;
  • select the “data transfer” item (Fig. 8);

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