How To Sew A Lounger For Dogs With Their Own Hands

How To Sew A Lounger For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Choosing the right model can be quite difficult, since here you need to take into account the mass of the characteristics of the animal. This is the size, and character, and breed. For example, not everyone will be able to easily accustom to a bed with a roof. Many dogs prefer to sleep on top of a canopy, completely ignoring the rules for using a sunbed. For this reason, for such a dog, you can simply not overpay for additional equipment, and choose a simple lounger in the form of a sofa.

What should be a good lounger for a dog?

How To Sew A Lounger For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Experienced dog breeders recommend beginners to pay attention to products that are equipped with covers. This will facilitate the care of the stove bench and the whole dog’s seat. It is much easier to remove the cover once a week and wash it, than to process and dry the entire lounger each time.

We must not forget that the bed should be made entirely of natural material, otherwise it will be very electrified and create discomfort for the animal. It is worth noting that the plastic beds for large dogs should be with a removable cover made of natural fabrics.

When choosing a dog bed, you must first observe the animal and see what position the dog most often sleeps in. This will determine the model. For example, if the animal most often sleeps, curled up, you should get an oval or round bed with high sides. By the way, this option can be easily made by yourself. The couch-sofa is suitable for a large breed dog, which is used to rest, stretched out all over.

Material for production

If your pet has short hair, then you can look at the beds made of velvet or faux fur. These lounges are most often chosen for short-haired small dogs, because the material is well-heated, and most importantly – it is easy to clean. This is a big plus for the molting period.

How To Sew A Lounger For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Natural fabrics, such as chintz, cotton and linen, do not cause allergies, but they are fragile. Sun beds for large dogs and active, made from similar materials will not work. The only option is to use a special case that will help protect the mattress from claws.

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As for the filler, then the most popular foam rubber and sintepon. They are considered safer for the animal, but have one major drawback, namely the rapid deformation. The most resistant in this regard will be plastic products. They are easy to clean, but not too comfortable for the animal itself, so in any case you will have to additionally purchase covers or a mattress. It is important to immediately teach your pet that he does not sharpen his teeth on the sides of the plastic bed. Otherwise, a plastic dog lounger will quickly lose its attractive appearance and become unusable.

How to teach a dog to the bed?

To get the dog accustomed to his bed, it is very important to install it in a suitable place. It should be quiet, comfortable and not too light. It is necessary to take into account the nature of the animal. Many dogs will not feel calm if they do not have a full view of what is happening in the room.

How To Sew A Lounger For Dogs With Their Own Hands

It is necessary to take care of the health of your pet. The bed should be located on a small hill and away from drafts. At the same time, it is not necessary to install a dog’s place near the battery or heater, since the excess heat will also have a bad effect on the health of the dog.

It is advisable to teach the animal to the bed from early childhood. Immediately after the baby will be laid in a certain place, it is necessary to transfer it to the lounger. In this case, actions must be accompanied by the command "place".

The bed must always be free, that is, you cannot put your things here or let other animals go. This is a private space of a dog.

You can try to lure an adult dog to a new place with a delicacy, and after the words explain that it is his new bedhouse. In no case can not use force, because it can permanently destroy the desire of the animal to be in this place.

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How to choose a fabric for self-tailoring bed?

Each pet should have its own place, especially since you can buy a dog lounger cheaply. For a dog, especially a large one, this is very important. Otherwise, the owners of the house may lose their couch, which will always be occupied by the dog.

How To Sew A Lounger For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Of course, it will be cheaper to sew a bench with your own hands. For this, materials such as fleece, nylon or plush are most often chosen. However, it is worth considering that artificial fabrics may not be a very suitable solution for making beds for their furry friend, since these materials are very electrified and can cause allergies. Cotton and linen are safer, but they are not very durable. One of the best materials for sewing high-quality mattress for dogs will be natural denim. It is quite strong, but it does not create problems with the production of electricity.

As for the filler, it can be any. This is down, and holofiber, and synthetic winterizer, and foam rubber. Natural fillers are not hypoallergenic, which must be considered when choosing a material.

The main thing is that the filler is strong enough and does not get out of the main cover, since this can be a good reason for the dog to pull the entire contents of the sofa out. Animals love this thing very much.

How to sew a dog bed?

The process of working on this type of product is very simple. It is not necessary to be a certified seamstress to make a dog lounger for yourself, a photo of one of the options can be found below.

How To Sew A Lounger For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Need to start with the selection of material. If the dog is small, then to get a comfortable mattress you need to purchase 1 st. M fabric, as a rule, is 1 × 1.5 m. You will also need a filler, for example, holofiber. This material is good that does not cause an allergy and holds a form a little better than the analogs. In addition, the work will require quality threads, ruler, chalk and a dense base, which can be thick cardboard. You also need a slanting inlay and a strong, but thin rope. A master class on how to sew a dog lodge for your own hands can be seen on the video that is just below.

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First you need to cut the center, which is determined by the cardboard circle. The diameter of this detail will be equal to the bottom of the bed. We mark a circle on the fabric, and then measure about 20-30 cm from it, depending on what height the deck chair has. We leave the seam allowance of about 2 cm, and then begin to cut.

As a result, we should have 2 absolutely identical round parts, where marks such as the center and seam allowances will be present. Now it is necessary to arrange the 2 parts of the product face out. After that, a circle of cardboard is inserted between the parts of the fabric and secured with pins in the middle. In line with the definition of the center we sew both parts. Leave a small hole in order to fill the bottom of the stove with a holofiber. Then this hole is sutured.

How To Sew A Lounger For Dogs With Their Own Hands

At this stage, we get a pillow with dangling pieces of fabric on the sides. Stitch the product to the very edge, leaving a small hole, and then make another 1 stitch where the second mark was. We get a rut, where you need to pass the rope, but this later.

Now fill the stove with the filling through the holes left until the very end. It is necessary to put a holofiber on the side parts moderately so that after the bedding she can take the desired shape. We sew up holes, and along the very edge we process the seam with an oblique inlay. We thread the rope into the hole prepared in advance and strongly tighten it, making a strong knot at the end.

The result is a mattress bedding for a dog with high and warm sides. If desired, you can sew a pair of covers for it, which will make it easier to care for the product.

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