How to Set Up Wi-Fi Huawei

Nowadays, wireless modems are in demand, and many users are interested in the question of how to configure Wi-Fi on the modem themselves. In fact, the configuration principle is no different from a router. But there are some differences and features that you need to know.

Enter the settings menu

First of all, to enter the modem settings menu, you need to turn on the device and connect a computer to it. It is also worth noting immediately that modem is accompanied by an instruction that indicates the login and password to enter the interface, as well as the IP address of the device.

So, we connect modem to the computer and launch any browser. In the address bar of the browser you need to register the IP modem. Press “Enter”.

At the next stage, the system will ask you to enter a username and password. As mentioned above, this data is contained in the instructions for the device. Usually login is admin, password is admin. Enter and click “Login” or “Login”. So we got into the control system. Now you can move on to the question of how to enable Wi-Fi on the modem.

Wireless setup

To configure wireless communication on the main page of parameters, go to the “Basic” section. After that, open the “WLAN” section. First of all, put a check in the “Enable WLAN” line here.

There are also several points that you need to configure:

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  • SSID is the name of the network that will be displayed when connected to other computers, smartphones, tablets, and so on. You can enter any name. But remember that you can use only the letters of the English alphabet.
  • Maximum number of accessing device. here you can specify the maximum number of simultaneous connections.
  • Below is another SSID line, opposite which you need to check. Thus, you put the wireless network in the “Enable” mode.
  • Security. in this line you can select the type of encryption. The most reliable type to date is WPA2PSK.
  • WPA pre-shared key. here you can assign a password for your local network. It will be required to connect to Wi-Fi. You invent it yourself. As in the network name, only Latin letters or numbers can be used here.
  • WPS. here we simply uncheck (if installed).

After entering all the necessary data, save the parameters. To do this, click the “Submit” button. This completes the wireless setup.

Video: How to Set Up Wi-Fi Huawei

You can connect various devices equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter to it. In order to disable Wi-Fi on the modem, you will need to enter the settings menu again and simply uncheck the line “SSID”.

It is worth noting that the instructions for setting up Huawei modem were described above. In other models of similar equipment, the names of some sections may differ. Although the principle of tuning is always the same.

For example, to disable Wi-Fi on D-Link devices, go to the “Wi-Fi” section and select the “Wireless settings” section. After that, you just need to uncheck the “Wireless enable” line.

How to Set Up Wi-Fi Huawei

How to configure WIFI on the modem: Video

Configure WAN Connection

Above, we looked at how to distribute Wi-Fi from a modem, but we were talking about a local network. In other words, you will not have access to the Internet.

To connect to the network, you will have to set up a WAN connection, which means requesting data from the provider. That is, when connecting to the Internet, the provider gives you a contract that lists all the necessary data about the network.

Everything is extremely simple here. We return to the main page in the Modem settings again. Go to the “Basic” “WAN” section. Here we click on the line “Internet.”.

Next, you need to configure a few more points:

  1. In the line “Connection type” you need to set the value to “PPPoE”.
  2. UserName. here you should enter the user name (login) that the provider assigned to you when connecting.
  3. Even lower will be the line “Password”. this is the password that the provider gave you when connecting (enter it).
  4. To save the entered parameters, click the “Submit” button.

Everything, the connection is configured. Now your local network has Internet access. The above instructions apply only to devices that have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter.

But what if you have the most common 3G modem without Wi-Fi? In this case, you can connect it to the computer, configure the Internet connection and distribute it from the computer via Wi-Fi. Of course, the computer must be equipped with a wireless adapter.

You will learn how to configure the distribution of Wi-Fi on a laptop or desktop PC with a Wi-Fi module from this article. Here you will find detailed instructions with pictures and video tutorials. over, several ways to do this are described. This is nothing complicated, most importantly, be careful and you will succeed.

How to share Wi-Fi with a modem: Video

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