How to Set Up Tricolor On 2 TVs

Satellite television is today in almost every home. In Russia, Tricolor TV is currently considered the most popular and reliable provider of satellite television. The principle of operation of such a television is to transmit data via an Earth satellite from a transmitting center to a receiving device to the consumer. Data transfer is of high quality. Ensure the quality of image and sound allows proper installation and configuration of equipment. You can call a service technician for installation and commissioning, but you can install and adjust the system yourself.

Choosing a place for a satellite dish

A dish is a fundamental element of a satellite system. It is a metal structure of a parabolic shape, concave inward. This form was not chosen by chance. The signals from the satellite, reaching the dish, are concentrated at one central point. in a circular convector, which allows to obtain a high level of communication. From the convector, information on the cable route enters the receiver, where it is converted and displayed on the TV screen.

How to Set Up Tricolor On 2 TVs

Now knowing the principle of signal transmission, it becomes clear that a satellite dish should be installed according to the following rules:

  1. We select the available trajectory from the dish to the satellite. To do this, mentally draw a line from the antenna in the direction of the transmission device. On the path of the trajectory line there should not be trees, buildings, structures, structures that could block the path or distort the signal. Remember! A satellite signal cannot pass through walls.
  2. We fix the antenna at a high point. The roof of the house, the open side of the balcony room, will help her. It is not recommended to mount the plate on the inner wall of the loggia or balcony. This will degrade the transmission of digital messages and cause interference.
  3. The best direction of the plate is the south side.
  4. Avoid places on the building where snow or moisture accumulates. It can be weirs, slopes and cornices of the roof of the house.
  5. We mount the antenna in the area of ​​the TV. This will facilitate the setup process.

Simple rules for installing a Tricolor TV satellite dish will help you avoid the first mistakes in setting up your television yourself.

We begin to install a satellite dish

Having chosen a place, we proceed to the installation of the structure itself. The external structure of the Tricolor TV consists of several parts:

  • bracket;
  • antenna mirror;
  • coaxial cable;
  • convector.

The bracket is mounted to a wall or roof with anchor bolts to enhance stability. Any fluctuations in the wind of an unsecured bracket will deform the entire structure and reduce image quality.

After mounting the mount, we attach the actual plate mirror, convector.

We install the convector on the holder with the connector in the lower position so that moisture does not get on it.

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Stages of connecting the cable and convector:

  1. We clean the external insulating material on the cable at a distance from the ends of the cable of about 15 mm, the inner. 10 mm. Try not to damage the shielding braid.
  2. We bend the shielding braid together with the foil in the opposite direction from the ends and twist to the F-connector all the way.
  3. Do not cut the end of the core behind a 2 mm connector.
  4. We fix the cable wire to the holder with insulating tape or cable ties.
  5. We make sealing of the connector to prevent moisture from entering it using sealant or insulating tape.

Video: How to Set Up Tricolor On 2 TVs

On this, the external work on setting up the satellite broadcast of Tricolor TV is completed, you need to connect the cable to the receiver and adjust the operation of the receiver itself.

Subtleties of installation of the receiver

Installing the receiver to the TV is one of two ways:

  1. Using a high frequency (HF) antenna cable.
  2. Using a low-frequency (LF) cable with connector.

The RF is plugged into the TV jack for the antenna and into the connector on the “RF Out” receiver. When the receiver is plugged in, the word “BOOT” and the number of the TV channel should be displayed on the screen of the television device. Including the search for channels, we get the phrase “No signal”, indicating that the receiver is working correctly.

The algorithm for attaching the LF to the satellite receiver is the same as the HF. The only thing is that after the appearance of the inscription “BOOT”, press the key on the remote control “A / V” and wait for the inscription “No signal” to appear. If the inscription appears, then everything is done correctly. Other information that appears on the screen of the television device indicates that the equipment is not assembled correctly.

To make the image quality

Before the signal search stage, it is necessary to carry out several actions in the satellite TV settings themselves:

  1. On the receiver’s remote control, press the “Menu” button.
  2. In the column “Installation” click “OK”.
  3. Enter “0000”.
  4. In the pop-up window, click “OK.”
  5. Select the item “Installing the antenna” and click “OK.”

In the column “Antenna installation” we find two scales “Signal Quality” and “Signal Strength”, showing the level of the received information flow. The optimal transmission rate should be at least 70%.

The reasons for the low signal level may be improper assembly of equipment or inaccurate antenna position. If the cable is connected correctly, then you need to adjust the value of the incoming signal by changing the position of the plate itself.

We begin to move the antenna 1-2 mm, stopping each step for a few seconds, so as not to miss the signal. The mirror plate of the Tricolor TV should be directed upwards.

Important! When setting up the antenna, make sure that your body does not become an obstacle to finding communication.

We continue to rotate the Tricolor TV plate to the desired value for filling the scales on the TV screen. Filling in one scale indicates that the device is not communicating with the satellite. Therefore, we continue the search. After filling the scales to the desired value, the image will go on the monitor. When the adjustment is completed, we tighten the bracket mounting bolts all the way.

Setting up the Tricolor TV device on its own does not take much time and does not require special and special skills. In general, the introduction of satellite television will take no more than 3 hours. The final step in tuning is registering the satellite receiver itself.

Call and register

Registration of the receiver occurs through the technical support department at the specified number in the subscription agreement. Before dialing, prepare the following data:

  • FULL NAME. subscriber or passport data;
  • device installation address;
  • details of the receiver.

Remember! Registration of the receiver can be done through the site “Tricolor TV”

A technical support specialist will verify the correctness of the data and give confirmation. During the working week, the text “DRE Coded Channel” may light on the TV screen. At the end of the specified period, the broadcasting of Tricolor TV will begin.

The setup of the Tricolor TV satellite is independently completed. You can enjoy watching your favorite channels in high image quality and with excellent sound design. Satellite television “Tricolor TV” gives consumers a large selection of channels in high-speed mode.