How to Set Up Smart TV on a Dexp TV

How to Set Up Smart TV on a Dexp TV

How to set up a Dexp TV

You can call the wizard to setting up a Dexp TV. The television reception of cable and satellite television is adjusted, according to your desire, brightness is adjusted, color saturation and contrast, other screen parameters are adjusted, image sharpness, sound tone adjustment, connection of external playback and recording devices are increased.
We know how to set up a Dexp TV. For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

Dexp TV Instruction

Dexp tv instruction for the Dexp 32A3200 model contains information on how to connect a TV.
1. Unpack the TV and place it on a dry and flat place. When installing the TV, make sure that the voltage is turned off;
2. The antenna plug of the terrestrial, cable or satellite television must be connected to the RF input port of the TV Dexp.
3. The output of the audio-video DVD player, or other equipment, can be connected to the AV input port of the TV via an AV cable. Make sure that all AV cables are connected in the correct order according to the color coding on the Decksp TV.
4. Component output (YPbPr) of the DVD player can be connected to the component input of the TV via an AV cable. The component input and audio-video input of a Dexp TV cannot be used at the same time.
3. The DVD player’s audio-video output can be connected to the TV’s AV input port
5. To connect a computer to a Dexp TV, connect one end of the VGA cable to the port on the computer and the other end to the VGA port on the Dexp TV, and tighten the connector latches clockwise at each end of the cable. When connecting the 15-pin VGA connector, insert it carefully so as not to damage the pins.

TV remote control Dexp

The figure shows TV remote control Dexp its function buttons and their purpose:

1. I: Turn on and off the TV
2. MUTE: Mute / Unmute
3. STILL: Pause: Hold teletext on the screen. : Stop (in USB / PVR mode).
4. RADIO: switch between TV and radio modes. (in DTV mode).
5. TXT: Enter teletext mode, press again to enter mixed display mode and again to exit. : Play / Pause (in USB / PVR mode).
6. SIZE: Selection of various formats. : Selects the teletext size in teletext mode.
7. Color keys: red / green / green / yellow for teletext: Rewind (in USB mode). : Fast forward (in USB mode). : Previous recording (in USB mode). : Next entry (in USB mode).
8. SOURCE: Select a signal source. : Displays hidden information in teletext.
9. MENU: Calls up a pop-up menu with various settings.
10. Right / Left / Up / Down: Navigation Keys
11. ENTER: Select and apply parameter settings.
12. INFO: Displays program information on the screen. i: Skip to content.
13. EXIT: Exit the menu 14. INDEX: Go to the list of recordings (in DTV mode)
15. VOL / VOL-: Press to adjust the volume.
16. CH / CH-: Press to select a channel.
17. LIST: Press to display the channel list.
18. Numeric keys: Select a channel or password.
19. AUDIO (∞I / II):
20. DVB: Select an antenna.
21. SLEEP: Sleep timer. The TV will enter standby mode after the time has elapsed.
22. LIST:
23.: Return to the last program.
24. EPG: Electronic program schedule in DTV mode
25.: Exit teletext mode
26. REC: Press the button to start recording
27.: Turn on subtitles or sub-pages. (
28. USB: Switch to the USB source.

On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

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How to set up a Dexp TV

Initial setup of a Dexp TV

When you turn on and initial setting up a Dexp TV you must connect the device to the mains and to the antenna.
Turn on the device, press the Power button on the remote control. When you turn on the TV, successive prompts on the screen will help you make basic settings.
To select the air channels, press the Up or Down button and then press the ENTER button to select the country and type of setting. Select the ENTER button to start Auto Search.
To select cable channels, configure the cable network parameters, press the ▲ / button, then press ENTER to select the appropriate country and type. To start auto search, press ENTER

How to tune channels on a Dexp TV

Tuning of television channels can be done automatically and manually.
Press ENTER to start Auto Search 1. Select a country and search type for channels
2. The TV will automatically memorize all available channels.
When the search is completed and the indicator bar reaches the end, the found channels will be saved. Press MENU to search for TV channels, and Auto Search will go to search for digital channels.
If you use manual preservation of digital channels, use the / buttons to select a channel. Press the ENTER button to search for channels. When the channel is found, the search will stop, the channel will be saved with the corresponding number. If an unwanted channel is found, use the volume buttons to continue the search. Then press EXIT to exit the search.

Editing the channel list after setting up your Dexp TV

Highlight this option and press the ENTER button to go to the TV channel editing menu.
Press ▲ / to highlight the desired parameter. To delete a channel, press the RED button.
To rename a TV channel, press the GREEN button (in ATV mode).
To move the channel, press the YELLOW button.
To set the pass to the channel, press the BLUE button.
To add a TV channel to your favorite list, press the button with the image of a heart.
To go forward or backward, press the CH or CH- button.

Answers to questions on Dexp TV

Remote control for DEXP F22D7100E / W

Good afternoon! We purchased a TV and cannot find the instructions for the CX509-DTV anywhere. Not knowing the purpose of the buttons, we can not fully use all the functions of the TV. The instructions describe only the basic ones. Is it possible to get visual instructions? 10/13/2018, Eagle.

Remote controls of this type from various manufacturers have standard button designations. It is enough to hammer in the search the button designation to find out its purpose. Unfortunately, there is no visual instruction for the CX509-DTV.

How to watch digital channels on a Dexp F22D7100E TV

We bought a DEXP F22D7100E TV with integrated DVB-T2 tuner. Quickly tuned analog channels. But when searching for digital channels, the TV only shows that they were found. When you turn them on, a window appears that says Channel is encrypted. Radio channels are tuned and working. All TVs are configured differently. Maybe we did something wrong. First, to tune the button, press the button on the SOURCE remote control (put the TV into Digital Telephony mode), then enter the menu, then the channel. There is an alternative to searching by auto search or manually. And there you need to enter various parameters. Maybe for the correct search for Moscow, you need to enter specific parameters? What data needs to be entered for frequency, speed, modulation? Maybe this is the case? Can you tell me something? And what is the best way to search for auto-search or manual tuning? We have an ordinary common house antenna, like everyone else in apartments, on which they always watched TV. 10/10/2018, Moscow.

You use cable TV, most likely it is Rostelecom. You have already set up all the digital channels, in order to watch them, you must purchase a CI card and conclude an agreement with the provider. Cable digital television is paid, it will need to be paid monthly.
DVB-T2. it is an opportunity to watch digital channels of on-air rather than cable television for free. For its implementation, it is necessary to purchase your own antenna, position it in the zone of wave reception from the Ostankino television tower and correctly orient it. If you want to use this opportunity, the TV will need to be reconfigured (automatic tuning is quite suitable), the ether and cable channels are at different settings.

How to tune digital channels on a Dexp 9000 TV

I’ve set the settings for the Atv channels on the TV, but I need the automatic transmission, I can’t reconfigure it, I don’t know how to enter the settings menu. It’s just that the menu doesn’t provide the channels section. How to enter the main menu and reconfigure the channels on the TV? 07/31/2018, Birobidzhan.

Enters the Dexp 9000 main menu. Image button "House". In some models, you must first switch to the DTV mode (Input button), and already in this mode, reconfigure.