How to Set Up Many Channels on a TV

How to set up channels on LG TVs yourself is one of the most frequently asked questions of users. There are different ways to configure channels on receivers of this brand, it depends on the type of TV (LCD, Smart, LCD, plasma panel), as well as on which format the user selects (Satellite TV, digital TV, cable TV).

Digital tv

You can set up digital channels on LG TVs using two methods. The first is suitable for all receivers, the second. for plasma panels with the Smart option.

Method number 1

  1. On the operator’s website, find out the necessary parameters for settings.
  2. Section “MENU”.
  3. CHANNELS tab.
  4. Include the item “CABLE TELEVISION”, you should be aware that new receivers may not have such an item.
  5. Go to the “Manual settings” tab.
  6. A window will appear where you need to drive the required parameters.
  7. The search will begin, after which free digital television will become available to the subscriber.

Method number 2

You can set up digital TV channels on smart LV screens according to the following instructions:

  1. Press the “NOME” key on the remote control.
  2. Go to the “SETTINGS” tab.
  3. Section “OPTIONS”. Here you need to select a country. If the model was produced later than 2011, then you need to choose RUSSIA, if earlier, then experts recommend choosing Finland or Germany.
  4. When choosing European countries, do not forget to change the language to “RUSSIAN”, this option is available in the “LANGUAGES” tab.
  5. Again go to the “TUNING”, set the command “AUTO SEARCH”.
  6. A window will appear where you need to select the type of signal “CABLE”. If the window does not appear, then this means that the country is incorrectly selected, it is necessary to establish the desired country.
  7. If everything is done correctly, then set the quick scan command and drive in the following data: frequency n. 274 000, frequency k. 770 000, modulation. 256, Id. auto.
  8. After this manipulation, the screen will require you to enter additional information. To confirm, click the checkmark: only digital TV. the device will search for DTV and analog channels; autonomy. the numbering will be set independently; skipping encoded programs. paid ones will not be configured;
  9. Run a scan, after 20 minutes all the TV channels will be found.
  10. The digital channel setup on LG TVs is now complete.

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These are the basic options for setting up digital TV on LG TVs. Also read how to set up Smart TV on equipment of this brand.

How to Set Up Many Channels on a TV

How to turn off auto-update

All LG panels have an auto-update option if it is in on mode. Then periodically all installed channels will be reset so that this does not happen, it is recommended to disable this option.

  1. Device menu
  2. Setting item.
  3. Digital cable.
  4. Turn off the function.

Satellite TV

Several options are also used to install satellite television.

TV setup can be done using automatic and manual methods.

Option 1: Automatic Search

If the user wants to view only free satellite programs, then LG tuning takes place according to the following scheme.

  1. A tuner is connected to the LG screen to receive the signal, it is best to use the HDMI connector. If the screen is already equipped with a built-in receiver, then the connecting cord is connected to the corresponding connector on the panel.
  2. Section “MENU”.
  3. The item “Channels”. select “Satellite” as the signal source and press the “OK” key on the remote control.
  4. Section “SATELLITE SETUP”, approve the necessary satellite, then press the “OK” key.
  5. Go to the section “Automatic search”, set the command to scan channels.
  6. The setup of satellite channels is over.

Option 2. Automatic Search (Pay TV)

  1. You must purchase a module with an access card from a satellite TV provider (NTV Plus, Tricolor). Register it.
  2. Insert the purchased module into the receiver or TV slot.
  3. In the “Auto Search” section, select the desired operator, press the “OK” key.
  4. The remaining actions are identical to the first option.
  5. After the operation, all encrypted TV will be unlocked, an image will appear.

Option 3. Manual search

This method is usually used if the satellite parameters have changed or if the default settings are not suitable for the selected connection type.

  1. In the menu, select “Satellite Settings”, here it is necessary to set the necessary parameters of the transponder and convector (this information can be obtained from the company providing TV services).
  2. Start scanning for new data.

These are the main ways to tune channels on your LG TV. In 90% of cases, the user independently copes with this task. If you can’t complete the installation yourself. You should make sure that all elements are connected correctly, try to follow the instructions again strictly following the instructions.

If the repeated actions did not bring any results, it is recommended to call the wizard, it may be necessary to repair the equipment.