How to Set up Lg Tv Plus on Android

Hello! In this article, I will tell and show how you can turn your smartphone, or tablet running the Android operating system, or iOS into a multifunctional remote control for LG TV with Smart TV function.

Let’s start with the fact that for LG TVs there is a very cool, branded remote called LG Magic Remote. With it, you can control the TV with the cursor, get quick access to applications, Smart TV, etc.

But this remote control is not bundled with all televisions (it probably does not come with the kit, except for the promotion), but you need to buy it separately. It is not cheap, somewhere in the region of 500 UAH. (2000 rubles)

There was no such remote control with my LG 32LN575U TV, but it supports working with it (the TV may also not support LG Magic Remote)

But, if you have a smartphone (tablet) on iOS, or Android, then you do not need this expensive accessory in the form of a branded remote control! LG has created a special application called LG TV Remote. You can install this application on your smartphone or tablet. As far as I know, it is available only for Android and iOS.

Install the application and proceed to connecting devices.

We connect the smartphone to the TV

So, we first need your phone and TV to be connected to the same network. Or we will use technology “Wi-Fi Direct”. Let’s go in order.

If you have an installed and configured Wi-Fi router, then this is very good. Your smartphone is probably already connected to it via Wi-Fi. Then, it remains only to connect another TV to this same network. This can be done via Wi-Fi (there is a detailed instruction on this /), or by cable from the router.

So, the TV and the phone should be connected to the same network.

If you do not have a network (router) at home

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In this case, you can connect the mobile device to the TV using the “Direct” technology. This technology allows you to directly connect devices.

Setting up LG TV Remote

So, if the connection between the devices we have established, then you can start the LG TV Remote. Open the program on the smartphone and press the button “Device Scan”.

Video: How to Set up Lg Tv Plus on Android

The TV must be turned on!

If all is well, then the program will find our TV. We select it.

At this moment on the TV screen (in the lower right corner) A code should appear.

How to Set up Lg Tv Plus on Android

We enter this code on the phone.

After that, a window with the user agreement will still appear, just click the button “To accept”.

Everything can be controlled by your TV!

The coolest thing is the cursor, of course. You simply move on the screen of the smartphone, and the cursor moves on the TV screen. And on the right there is a virtual roller for scrolling, from the bottom there are buttons for adjusting the volume, a back button and a button for moving icons. Like this:

On the screen from which you can control the cursor, a button in the form of a game joystick is also available (see the screenshot above) If you click on it, a joystick will open, which can be used to control games.

On the main window, you can see two buttons for switching channels and two for volume control. And 6 more buttons that allow you to get quick access to such functions:

  • Launch Smart TV
  • Access to the list of applications
  • 3D launch
  • Digital panel for switching channels
  • Opening the list of channels (if I’m not mistaken, I just don’t have an antenna connected and this button is not active)
  • And the choice of signal source

If you move the screen to the left, a window with three icons will open:

  • Premium. access to applications from the premium section.
  • My applications. You can view all the applications that are installed on your TV and run the right one directly from your phone.
  • Smartshare. This is an application that allows you to connect different devices to the TV and manage media content. I will try to write more about this in a separate article.

How to Set up Lg Tv Plus on Android


I really liked the application! It works stably, connects and configures very easily.

Today it has just been updated, and has become even more beautiful and convenient.

Using the Smart TV function when you can control the cursor is much better and more enjoyable. In the same browser, navigating through sites is much more convenient. And for this it is not necessary to buy an expensive accessory. I am now talking about the LG Magic Remote.

Your questions, you can always ask in the comments. I will help with all I can :)! Good luck!

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