How to Set Up Internet In a Lg 32cs460t TV

Modern LG TVs have the ability to access the Internet, and to use this opportunity, most models have a Smart TV platform. It is through a smart TV that the television receiver interacts with services on the Internet, such as watching movies, communicating on social networks, installing applications from sites, etc.

You can connect the TV to the Internet if you already have a cable from your provider, for example, you already have a computer with Internet access. The Internet must provide a speed of at least 5 Mbps for the possibility of watching online movies in high resolution. You can either connect the TV directly to the cable included in the apartment, but then other devices will not be able to use the Internet, or connect a Wi-Fi router and configure the Internet connection through it.

You can connect your TV to the Internet in several ways:

  1. 1) Directly to the provider’s cable;
  2. 2) Via an external router, by cable or by creating a wireless connection, then:
    • a) Using the internal WiFi module, connect to your home Wi-Fi network;
    • b) Using a WiFi adapter, connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

    Cable connection

    Connecting the TV directly to the provider’s cable is possible, but not recommended. Firstly, you will not be able to use the Internet on other devices. Although in new TVs there is the possibility of creating an access point, that is, the TV itself will distribute the Internet to other devices. But still, this is worse than using specialized equipment, the same external router. Secondly, not all TVs have the ability to connect. After all, each provider uses a different technology for connecting to the network. There are several such technologies and TVs do not support the whole range of such connections, so it may turn out that your TV is not compatible with your provider, and you won’t be able to directly connect the TV receiver to the Internet. For example, not all TVs support PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP technologies, but “dynamic IP” technology can be used on many television sets.

    In any case, you will have to manually enter data on the TV. The most common are the IP address and DNS server. If the provider binds the connection to the MAC address, then in the information on the TV, you find this MAC address and inform the provider. In order to find out the MAC address of the TV, go to the “Support” section, select “Product Information” and there, among the various data, there will be a MAC address.

    Connection via WiFi router

    A Wi-Fi router is used to connect several devices to one Internet channel. That is, you have an input cable from the provider, and you connect this cable to the router, and already connect all the necessary devices (computer, laptop, TV, etc.) to the outputs of the router. You can connect devices to the router using either a cable or a wireless Wi-Fi network. In any case, you need to configure such connections using the information from the instructions.

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    Such a connection through a router is the most optimal. After all, you can connect many devices using just one type of configuration. Routers at the same time are able to support any type of connection with the provider and you do not have to look for solutions, as in the previous case with a direct connection between the TV and the provider.

    Cable connection is more reliable than wireless, but its disadvantage is the presence of cables in the room. And the wireless should provide a good signal level at the receiving point, otherwise the Internet connection may be lost.

    Cable connection to a router

    How to Set Up Internet In a Lg 32cs460t TV

    After such a connection, the message “connected to a wired network” should appear on the TV. That is, all parameters were automatically configured. If you need to enter the parameters manually, then go along this path in Smart TV: Home. Settings. Network. Network Setup "wired".

    If you need to manually enter the IP address and DNS server, then enter them on this page using the remote control. If everything is correct, the TV will display a message that the connection is established.

    Wireless connection with a Wi-Fi router

    How to Set Up Internet In a Lg 32cs460t TV

    If you have a WiFi module or you connected an adapter, then going to the TV’s network settings, as described in the previous paragraph, you will see the following item available: “Network setup: wireless”.

    After going to the wireless network settings, you can make the settings according to one of three options.

    • 1) Setting from a list of access points (AP). select this item if you know the name of the WiFi network and its password;
    • 2) Easy installation (WPS mode). this item can be selected if the router also supports it (then there should be a WPS button on the router). Select this item and on the router press the button for 15 seconds, while automatically everything will be configured;
    • 3) Network setup (Ad-hoc). used to communicate with a computer without access to the Internet.

    Selecting the item “Settings from the list of access points” you will see all the networks available at this point in the installation point of the TV. Choose your network from the list and, if necessary, enter the password (in the router settings, make the password for 8 characters from numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet). If the network name is encrypted, enter the network name. The network name and the password to it are indicated when configuring the router, then you write down this data for input on the connected devices. If everything is entered correctly, the TV will display a message about connecting to a wireless network and an icon with the WiFi signal level will be visible.

    WiFi adapter for LG TV

    TV manufacturers in their televisions made it possible to use an external Wi-Fi module to create a wireless network. Only now they did it so that ordinary WiFi modules do not work with TVs, such modules are available for use in computers. LG did the same, she released its such WiFi adapter (external module) called LG AN-WF100. The price of such a module is about 30, while the models of such modules for a computer are 3 times cheaper.

    The LG AN-WF100 adapter is connected to the USB 2.0 connector, and provides a speed of up to 300 Mbps. It supports the following communication standards: IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n.

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