How to Set Up an M3 Fitness Bracelet Without a Phone

Until recently, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 was one of the most popular fitness bracelets. In late May, Xiaomi released a new version of this device. Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Given a number of improvements and new features, we can expect that now this tracker will take the place of the most popular and best-selling bracelet, especially since only in the first 17 days from the start of sales sold more than a million copies of Mi Band 3.

How to Set Up an M3 Fitness Bracelet Without a Phone

When buying Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and during its use, many questions arise: how to turn on the Mi Band 3, how to attach it to a smartphone, how to translate it into Russian, how to turn it off, etc. In this article, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about the Mi Band 3 smart bracelet.

Features of Mi Band 3

The functionality of Mi Band 3, as well as other fitness bracelets, is very wide. Someone uses it as a fashion accessory and decoration, someone as a personal fitness assistant or as a means not to miss important messages or phone calls etc.

Of course, the name itself. a fitness bracelet, already speaks of its main purpose. Mi Band 3 will help to get some activity data. He knows how many steps have been taken, how much distance, and how many calories have been consumed. The built-in gyroscope and accelerometer are responsible for these functions. Another useful feature is the ability to get information about the state of sleep. With its help, you will find out at what time the deepest dream, and at what time interferes with sleep. Not oversleeping Mi Band 3 will also help. The alarm clock wakes you up in the morning with a vibration in your hand, without disturbing others.

The next useful feature is heart rate measurement. For its accuracy and operation, the optical pulse sensor is responsible, using the technology of light transmission of the human body. Mi Band 3 allows you to measure your heart rate not only at certain intervals during the day, but also in real time. In the Mi Fit application, you can see how the frequency changed during the day, and compare this data with previous periods.

It is also possible to set the maximum heart rate, at the exit of which the tracker will vibrate on the hand, recommending a break if the pulse “rolls over”, or vice versa, more actively.

Mi Band 3 can also display weather forecasts, notifications of calls and messages on its screen, with the ability to reject a call and read the entire text of the message, and not just see its identifier. There is a smartphone search function, which will be useful for fans of losing a smartphone behind an armchair or sofa. Of course, the gadget can show the time, date and day of the week.

This is not a complete list of the possibilities of fitness bracelets, and Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in particular. You can learn more about them in the Mi Band 3 review, and we will move on to the most frequently asked questions about this device.

Setting up Mi Band 3

In fact, setting up Mi Band 3 is not so difficult, especially if you have already used a similar gadget before.

How to enable Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet is always on, that is, even from the manufacturer, it comes already on. The only thing that it can be discharged, then it must be put on charge using the charger that comes with the kit.

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On average, it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge. After the battery is charged, the bracelet will already be turned on and ready for pairing with a smartphone.

How to set the date and time on the Mi Band 3 bracelet

Find special buttons for setting the date and time on the Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet does not work, since there simply are no such buttons. Setting the time and date is via a smartphone. You do not even need to make any settings for this. Simply connect the bracelet to your smartphone through the Mi Fit app, after which the time and date on the tracker will change automatically.

How to connect Mi Band 3 to the phone

After the application is found, click "Install" and then "Open." If such an application is already installed, it must be updated to version Mi Fit 3.4.4 or higher, since this is the first version with firmware in Russian.

Then in the application you need to log in or register if you do not have a Mi Fit account yet. You can register via email or phone number. The registration process itself should not cause difficulties, everywhere you need to follow the prompts of the application, and everything will work out.

After registering and entering the application, first of all, you will be asked to enter your personal data: gender, age, height and weight. Then it is recommended to set a goal for the number of steps. Further, the program offers to choose from the list of devices that you will connect. We find the “Bracelet” in the list and bring Mi Band 3 to the smartphone to start synchronization. As soon as the bracelet vibrates, you need to click on the touch button on the screen. Everything, Mi Band 3 is connected, and ready to configure and use.

In the same way, the bracelet connects to smartphones running the iOS operating system.

How to set up Xiaomi Mi Band 3

All gadget settings are made in the Mi Fit application installed on the smartphone. We have already written and rewritten about the configuration of this application, so there is no point in dwelling on it in detail, we will only briefly go through the main settings of the Mi Band 3.

There are not so many configurable parameters:

  • Location of the device: you must choose which hand you will wear it on.
  • Display Settings. Here you can choose which data will be displayed on the bracelet’s screen and which will not. That is, if you do not want calories displayed on the screen, you can turn them off.
  • Band screen lock. Turn on or off the screen unlock with a swipe from the bottom up.
  • Display activation by show of hands. You can turn it on, you can turn it off, but then the display will work constantly. You can also scroll through widgets by rotating your wrist, and adjust the operating time of this function. For example, during sleep, it is better to turn it off.
  • Using a heart rate monitor when monitoring sleep. With the heart rate monitor turned on, you can get more accurate sleep data, but it will increase battery consumption.
  • "Notifications." At this point, you can choose which notifications from which applications will come to the smartphone. It is possible to add additional applications.
  • The dial of the watch. For Mi Band 3, you can choose one of three types of dials.
  • Weather settings. In this item, you can select the default city for which the weather will be displayed, as well as units. If the bracelet is connected to a smartphone, the city itself is selected from GPS data.
  • Read more about Mi Band.
  • Firmware version.
  • Bluetooth address
  • Shutdown. This option will be needed if you decide to untie the bracelet from the smartphone, if you decide to sell or give it.

How to turn off Mi Band 3

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely turn off Mi Band 3. The only way to completely land the battery, including constantly measuring your heart rate, or “tormenting” the bracelet with notifications. This question was raised even from the previous version of the tracker, and some craftsmen put the tracker in the freezer to discharge the battery. Maybe such manipulations helped someone, but doing this is strongly discouraged.

How to flash Mi Band 3 into Russian

The first owners of the new fitness bracelet received it in Chinese, and were forced to look for firmware to translate Mi Band 3 into Russian. On July 25, 2018, the official version of the Mi Fit 3.4.4 application with international Russian firmware for this bracelet was released. Therefore, it is enough to install the official application from the Play Market or the App Store on the smartphone, connect the bracelet to the smartphone, and the international firmware will be installed on it automatically.

But if you really want to tinker with the firmware, then on the forum a separate thread is highlighted for this topic.

How to untie Xiaomi Mi Band 3 from the phone

You will need to untie the bracelet from the account and application if, for example, you decide to sell or give someone a bracelet, or just decide to change your smartphone. To untie Mi Band 3, you need to go into the Mi Fit application, and at the very end of the settings, click "Disable", and then agree with all the warnings.

How to set up a smart alarm on Xiaomi Mi Band 3?

Like the previous version of the bracelet, Mi Band 3 does not support the smart alarm function. To make this opportunity available, you can use third-party applications, such as Xsmart or Sleep As Android. Download it to your smartphone and launch it. Then we need to find out the mac address of the bracelet and enter it in a special field in the Xsmart application. You can find the mac-address of the tracker in the Mi Fit application, the “Profile” tab, then select our device, and at the very end of the menu that opens, find the mac-address. Now you can set alarms in the application itself and in the bracelet application.

How to switch music with Mi Band 3

Out of the box, Mi Band 3 cannot control the music of the smartphone, and here again a third-party application, for example, the Func Button, will help. With it, you can configure switching tracks, increase or decrease volume, start playback, pause, etc.

First you need to download the Func Button application, install it on your smartphone and open it. As for the smart alarm application, the Func Button will also ask you for the MAC address of the bracelet. After entering and connecting, it remains only to set the template for controlling the music player.

Music can be controlled by turning the wrist, single, double or triple tapping on the bracelet screen.

How to charge the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet

Mi Band 3 is charged only with the charger that comes with the kit. Ideally, you need to charge the battery through the USB port of a laptop or computer. You can, of course, and through the power adapter, but preferably with a current at the output of not more than 500-700 mA. When charging with a higher current, nothing terrible will happen, and even the battery will charge faster, but, in this case, battery wear will increase significantly.

To charge the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, the capsule must be removed from the strap and installed in the charger so that the contacts of the tracker fit snugly on the contacts of the charger. It usually takes about 2 hours to charge up to 100%.

Mi Band 3 writes “Open the application”

After updating the Mi Fit application, many owners of the Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet faced such a problem: “Open the application”. Judging by the number of comments, the problem is global, and, apparently, is associated with the application itself. How to be You can wait a bit until the developers fix this glitch, or you can try to solve it on your own, it is only important to remember that everything you do with your gadget is done at your own risk.

For a smartphone running iOS, removing the message “Open the application” helped me in this way:

  1. Download AmazTools application from the App Store (link to the application)
  2. Install the application on a smartphone.
  3. Download the firmware file (downloaded from the official site from here.
  4. In the AmazTools application menu we find the item “Update firmware”, and select the file downloaded in the previous paragraph.
  5. After installation, sync with Mi Fit. The problem must be solved.

There is no such application for smartphones with Android operating system, in this case it’s worth trying to get rid of the message “Open the application” in another way, using the GadgetBridge program. A step-by-step guide to this method is on the forum, here. You can find instructions in the topic under the spoiler “Instructions on firmware Mi Band 3”.

If one of these methods helps you, please write about it in the comments, this information can be useful for many users.