How to Set Up an iPhone After Updating Windows 10

How to Set Up an iPhone After Updating Windows 10

Each release of the pre-build Windows 10 Mobile is accompanied by various bugs and problems. They are constantly annoying and do not really use your smartphone on a daily basis. Observations of various builds led us to one interesting conclusion: for maximum performance of Windows 10 Mobile builds, always reset your device.

And before you start to resent why this is so and what this nonsense is, we will assure you that there is nothing supernatural in this. Once you have already installed Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview, then you should be prepared at least for bugs or resetting your settings and a maximum for bricking your smartphone and further flashing it. So this is normal practice. Testing. It’s not a simple matter, and only for the desperate.

On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the work of insider assemblies on your phone, you can leave it as it is and not do a reset. This is entirely voluntary. We just share our observations, since in almost all cases our smartphones worked much faster precisely after a complete reset of Windows 10 Mobile.

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To make the transition to Windows 10 Mobile and reset (if necessary) as smooth as possible, here are a couple of tips:

  1. Make a backup of the device. Go to settings. backups. create a backup (Windows Phone 8.1). This will allow you to quickly restore your applications and settings after a reset. On Windows 10 Mobile, go to Settings. backup. additionally. create a backup.
  2. Reset settings. On Windows Phone 8.1, go to settings. device information. reset. confirm reset. On Windows 10 Mobile, go to Settings. device information. dumping. Confirm.
  3. Restore your backups if necessary or start over.

If your phone is scorched, does not turn on, or hangs tightly (this can happen during the update, the imperfect technique is the same), you will have to do a hard reset with the buttons.

The procedure is quite simple: hold down the power key until vibration. After vibration, immediately hold down the volume down key until an exclamation mark appears on the screen. Then press the volume up key, then the volume down key, then the power key and volume down key. After that, the smartphone will recover.

Important question: when to reset? You can upgrade the device to Windows 10 Mobile and then reset the settings, thus completely cleaning and preparing the phone for use with the new OS. Optionally, you can completely erase the phone before the update and, once the update is complete, wipe again. But this is only if you are a true perfectionist. By the way, in this case, the process of data migration after the upgrade will be much faster.

Total: in any incomprehensible situation, reset the settings.

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