How To Set Up A Satellite On An Lg TV

Tricolor TV is a company offering high quality television broadcasts. However, setting up the equipment for proper operation can be difficult. The digital technology market is very large, and each manufacturer brings something of their own both in the receiver model and in the TVs themselves. On most devices, tuning is done automatically, while others require a more “personal” approach. LG TVs just belong to the second group.

Why LG setup is different

In 2017, the broadcasting conditions of many companies changed. a differentiation of channels was introduced, which now decided to sort by lists. This affected the users in such a way that the list of suggested Tricolor TV channels simply did not appear in the system, or did not appear in order / in an incomplete form. LG TVs were particularly affected by this problem, whose software was unable to maintain a new order.

Difficulties arose mainly when users tried to search for channels using the “Quick Search” option. At the same time, LG TVs interpreted the signal decoding algorithms incorrectly, for which the company more than once apologized. Almost all product lines of the company for 2014-2018 were “struck”, and some still demonstrate the presence of this problem.

LG is actively developing new software that would support the formation of such lists that Tricolor TV uses. Tentatively, its launch is scheduled for July 2018. However, this does not mean at all that Tricolor TV subscribers who have LG TVs at home should refrain from watching TV programs, since there is a way to get around the problem on their own. and it lies in a slightly different sequence of settings.

In addition, most LG TVs were equipped with a CAM module, which replaces the standard receiver. the connection and its settings are somewhat different from the usual algorithm.

How to set up channels

Important! All of the following works on TVs running webOS.

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How To Set Up A Satellite On An Lg TV

Installation of equipment should be carried out in accordance with the instructions of “Tricolor TV”. installation of the antenna and dish, laying of cables. The company offers its customers a complete set of the necessary devices in order to properly “dock” with the satellite and catch the signal.

One of the main steps is to install a CICam module. At the same time, the TV should remain off. It should be turned on after proper installation. At the same time, information about the equipment should be displayed on the screen. the card and the module itself.

Important! In some cases, at this stage, error No. 17 may occur, which indicates that the equipment was not connected correctly, or the subscriber forgot to register with Tricolor TV with the card data.

Before proceeding with the setup, it is recommended that you verify that the TV software is updated to the latest version (on the LG website).

After all these preparations, the channels are configured as follows (manually):

  1. You need to go to the menu where you should find the item "Advanced Settings".
  2. Select “Channels”.
  3. Select “Channel Search and Settings”.
  4. You should select the option "Auto Search", despite the fact that you configure everything manually. Here you can enter unique settings for Tricolor.
  5. The search mode should be set to "Satellite". If not, select it from the list.
  6. Choosing a satellite TV operator is also an important option. For Tricolor today you need to click on "Other operators".
  7. Exit auto search. click on the cross, or press EXIT on the remote control. If you have a 3 or 3.5 version of the LG axis and the Magic remote, press the Back / Exit button with hold.

After that, you can start a manual channel search.

  1. Re-enter “Channel Search and Settings” through the advanced options menu.
  2. Press “Manual Search”, and make sure that the reception mode is set to “Satellite”. If not, change it to this mode.
  3. Open the “Transponder” settings item and select ANY from the list, avoiding the number 12226 / L / 27500.
  4. After that, click “Transponder” again.
  5. Now select option 12226 / L / 27500, and check if the “Add” key appeared on the side.
  6. Turn on “Network Search”. click on this item and change the value to “On”
  7. Click the “Add” option that you found earlier. Wait until the end of the search, and press EXIT.

Important! In some software versions, instead of “Add”, “Update” will appear.

After that, the search for channels on the network will begin. during the search, the LG TV will check 22 transponders, and the result of such a check should be more than 300 channels, including radio and office arrays.

The list of channels will be formed in a special way due to the fact that new software has not yet been released for Tricolor TV. It will include:

  • Present digital and satellite services and radio channels;
  • the order of the channels is mixed up.

However, the list editor will be available, and you can easily select and mark those that the TV should continue to miss. The "Skip" function will help to hide them from the general list to facilitate navigation.