How to Set Up a Camera on Honor 10

Most mobile devices require some settings before use. Since the default settings will not give the desired result when creating videos and photos. In this article, you will learn how to configure the camera on the Honor smartphone. As well as how to create high-quality images even in low light.

Because of what, in Honor models, the camera shoots poorly

The following reasons may help you understand why photos may be poor quality. And create decent pictures on your Honor mobile device.

Correct camera settings can often help. You can use both standard tools and special applications that help improve quality.

The way to set up the camera on the Honor x8

The built-in application for creating and adjusting photos allows you to do a lot. But not all of them can take advantage, since some knowledge is necessary for tuning. Those who purchase Honor x8 often complain about the quality of the pictures. Particularly unsuccessful are instances created in the dark. Or in a poorly lit room. The photo is obtained with “blurry” or noise. This smartphone from a Chinese manufacturer can create high-quality images. But this requires special conditions: good light for example.

To configure the camera, you need to download supporting applications that will be useful: Lightroom CC and Open Camera.

Find them in the Play Market and install on your smartphone:

Photos in this format will be weighty. One may take order 30-40 megabytes. Therefore, it is important to configure the storage of images on a memory card. This must be done if the smartphone has a small amount of its own memory. Now you can try to create photos on your Honor with the current settings.

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Creating Images in Lightroom CC

You can create high-quality photos on Honor x9 in another mobile application. Lightroom CC. This is a graphic editor from the world-famous company Adobe. The application is free, but has some paid tools. Open the camera through it. Make sure that the default photos will be created in DNG format.

Video: How to Set Up a Camera on Honor 10

How to Set Up a Camera on Honor 10

    Select the SS setting and set the value to 1.7-1.8;

Use these guidelines to take pictures in a poorly lit room. And also in the dark. Also, the Lightroom CC editor allows you to process the image in a graphical editor. Try changing the brightness and contrast in the finished photo. Use other auto-correction tools to customize the built-in camera on your Honor.

Features of setting up a standard Honor 10 camera

In Honor premium devices, you can achieve improved photo quality with standard settings:

  • The function “Live photo” will work only in one mode “Photo”. She is able to give the picture a richness and color if you take a photo in good light, moderate light, etc.;
  • Use different modes for shooting and select the appropriate one: “Bright”, “Normal”, “Faded”. These modes are supported by all shooting methods, except for “Portrait”;
  • Basic photo settings can be found on the main screen of the camera. You can enable them in the upper right corner. Use the zoom when you need to zoom in on the subject
How to Set Up a Camera on Honor 10

The most popular and important modes for photography are “Night” and “Portrait”. They are also available for the camera. Turn on “Night” in the dark, but the standard mode settings may not always help to create a cool image. The quality of the photo also depends on how dark it is on the street or in the room where you are trying to take a picture. Accordingly, “Portrait” is used in a group photo when you need to focus on the face.

When you turn on the camera on Honor, the main elements of the shooting settings are located on the screen:

  • Latin letter “S“Is the shutter speed in seconds;
  • The “ISO” icon is a light sensitivity setting;
  • Zoom. the regulator is on the right.

In night mode, the shutter speed is usually overestimated. Therefore, often photos are blurry. If you want the best quality photos. use a tripod.

How to make better pictures on Honor 7

On most Honor mobile devices, the camera can be configured using standard tools. In addition to those that are on the main camera window, you can apply settings from the general section.

    Open the menu and click on the gear;

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